Blockchain-based Platform Luckchemy Runs Pre-ICO to Revolutionize iGaming

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Blockchain-based Platform Luckchemy Runs Pre-ICO to Revolutionize iGaming
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The new project attracted attention of the community because of its multidimensional approach: the platform is not only eliminating fraud, it also creates original games, engages third parties and offers white label solutions.

Online gambling has never suffered from the lack of popularity. The possibility of hitting the jackpot while sitting at home has attracts millions of people all over the world. However, the iGaming industry has a fundamental weakness – the high level of fraud which undermines the credibility of online gambling. Luckchemy is a new blockchain-based platform which is ready to revolutionize the industry.

Luckchemy is working in different directions to create the platform which can solve the main problems of iGaming. The project attracted the initial interest when it was introduced to the public. The end of April brought a good reason to take a look at the development of the new platform: Luckchemy started the pre-sale of its LUK token on the 30th of April.

The gambling industry has definitely made the most of the Internet. Unfortunately, this process has significantly damaged the reputation of online gambling. Today we live in the era of blockchain revolution and Luckchemy may have a chance to lay the groundwork for fair iGaming.

The main benefits of the new platform include a variety of original games, active involvement of third parties and white label solutions. These features of Luckchemy form a wide net of products that can satisfy both gamblers and its business partners. The usage of blockchain ensures the transparency and fairness of all the games – and that is a big step for the industry.

Digital and RMG expert Adam Krejcik made a good point on the needs of online gambling: “A modern iGaming platform needs to be able to offer customers the transparency, control and trust that comes with the Blockchain. It needs to give more flexibility to both operators and consumers while building and maintaining trust in security, game management and payments.”

The Luckchemy platform has already proved to be trusted: the first few days of private sale brought to the company the biggest part of the planned amount. The number speaks for itself: $500,000 have been invested in Luckchemy before it went public.

Today the platform is in the process of pre-sale. It started on the 30th of April and will last to the 21st of May. The main part of the ICO is scheduled for the 22nd of May. Traditionally, Luckchemy is rewarding early supporters with a 40% discount during the pre-sale. Nevertheless, the platform has some more reasons to believe that the pre-sale will provoke a buying fever.

The main benefit of obtaining the LUK token is the ability to take part in all the games on Luckchemy. Each token also gives its owner a chance to win exclusive monthly jackpot. The more tokens one hold, the higher are the chances of becoming a winner. One more reason to take part in the pre-sale by Luckchemy is an opportunity to influence the development of the Luckchemy platform by voting.

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