Introducing Foundry: Blockchain Outfit that Defies Censorship

Place/Date: Georgia, Tbilisi - November 4th, 2020 at 3:39 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Foundry, Source: Foundry

Foundry is a blockchain startup that is making a bold statement against the perpetual censorship of content in any form with a crucial alteration of the medium of communications as well as support for outfits whose focus aligns with its fundamentals.

The advent of blockchain technology saw an overhauling of the global payments and financial ecosystems as its primary target. While this was the reality for the better part of the first few years when blockchain came into the limelight, many blockchain innovators began deploying blockchain-based solutions that are now spanning across various businesses and reshaping the integrity of the systems. Foundry as a blockchain-focused firm is thus poised to use this power to build censorship-free platforms.

In explaining its core missions, Foundry explained that the pulling down of a New York post that indicts Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic Presidential Candidate’s son in the forthcoming United States general election, in a Ukrainian bribing scandal by Twitter removes the liberty from the citizens to read about the case and take an objective position irrespective of the content or how incriminating it might be.

With its backing, Foundry provides platforms that are neither censorable nor restricted to the public either by the author or the owners of the platform the way big media and social media giants have been known to do. The approach by Foundry though may cause anarchy, has been justified by the project team backers as inevitable in the reality of blockchain-backed privacies that will permeate our world in the near future.

Foundry Blockchain Innovation: Model and Product

The ambitious strides of Foundry as a blockchain outfit and renowned as a DAO has deep fundamentals that are spelled out in its Whitepaper. The company hopes to process every of its engagement based on the interest of the majority of the holders of its digital token dubbed the FRY in a “Liquid Democracy” governance system. The project aims to provide financing for other ambitious outfits that share its principles of radical freedom.

Some of the products that Foundry aims to roll out in its bid to drive our world onto that part where nothing is either kept or hidden include the SmokeSignal, DAIHard, ZimDAI, and the FRY tokens. While SmokeSignal is an uncensorable free speech platform, DAIHard is an unstoppable fiat-to-crypto onramp platform.

These products are functional, but the team is focusing on building Foundry governance before marketing the products aggressively. Once Foundry is autonomous, it can push these products and produce other censorship-free, freedom-enhancing products without fear.

Interested parties can participate in the FRY sale at or contact the team on Telegram to find out how they can earn FRY helping to build Foundry. The team is also actively experimenting with other FRY distribution models which are frequently announced on Twitter.