Blockchain-based Startup iPRONTO is Connecting Startups to Investors Through Incubators

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

iPRONTO intends to bring together the world’s best startups and connect them to the interested investors through the company’s very own incubation platform.

Ethereum blockchain-based virtual Incubation platform iPRONTO is a single-window blockchain platform designed to facilitate the global startup ecosystem. iPRONTO offers its users a range of services to help them realize their ideas in the form of a finished product, superseding such boundaries as location, distance, economic condition, politics or any others.

The company hosts all of its stakeholders on a startup ecosystem to enable interactions between all parties and service providers. The platform uses blockchain technology to guarantee transparency and a tamper-proof system. The iPRONTO team aims to provide the market with a streamlined out-of-the-box startup and investment system. The stakeholder system serves to offer the relevant guidance and services.

Being curated and incubated, the startup portfolios can be accessed by both venture capitalists and angel investors to simplify the process, while all the records and documents are stored securely on the blockchain.

The iPRONTO platform strives to offer a simple and effective system, upon which investors can pick from the list of submitted ideas for startups. The submissions will be listed on a platform only after ensuring the viability of the business idea, when all the relevant documents and licenses are already recorded on the blockchain for easy verification and transparency.

The platform will propose business ideas to investors and provide them access to incubation services, as well as facilitate access to government services in order to acquire licenses and location-specific registrations. Companies can also utilize the allied marketing, legal, HR finance and different other services.

The iPRONTO platform uses Smart Contracts to limit processing time and to ensure perfect record keeping and convenience during audits, while improving the credibility of the startups.

The platform’s ecosystem is driven by its native iPRONTO Coin (IPR). The IPR token is both a medium of exchange and a community voting mechanism for various decisions made within the platform.

IPR token holders will also be eligible to receive their share in revenues generated by the platform. iPRONTO is currently running a token sale for all interested participants. Participants of the token sale can purchase tokens at reduced prices and benefit from various incentives and user privileges.

With their token sale originally set to start on March 15th, 2018, iPRONTO is well ahead of the the company’s official roadmap schedule. If the company continues at its current pace, it could expect to see other achievements ahead of time.

Following the successful completion of their token sale, iPRONTo will look towards the alpha version of its platform, originally set to be launched on June, 2018. With the current pace, iPRONTO is likely to find the platform’s launch coinciding with the proposed token listing on popular platform’s Poloniex and Bittrex (both planned to be listed in April, 2018, in case of success).

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