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Italian Luxury Pen Manufacturers Ancora Launches Cryptocurrency Pen Series

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Italian Luxury Pen Manufacturers Ancora Launches Cryptocurrency Pen Series
Photo: Ancora

After a successful release of the Bitcoin Pen last year, the Italian luxury pen maker Ancora is pleased to present its next exclusive Ethereum Pen.

Italian designer brand Ancora has launched its highly anticipated Cryptocurrency Pen series – the world’s first fine writing instruments taking inspiration from the world’s most influential blockchain platforms.

One of Europe’s finest, the Italian pen maker will be distributing these high-end pens following the Token Sale model familiar to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Early contributors will take the advantage of unique incentives, taking a cue from the successful release of the Bitcoin Pen by Ancora late last year.

After concluding a client vote during the Bitcoin Pen rollout, Ancora is pleased to present its next exclusive range: the Ethereum Pen.

On April 8, 2018, Ancora pushed the Ethereum Pen into pre-production, with a token sale which is currently live and will last until May 8. All participants at this early stage will be able to reserve each pen at half the market price, as well as select their own lucky number to be engraved personally on their pens.

At this generous discount, each fountain pen will be sold at $1,250 (against a retail price of $2,500) while each rollerball pen will be sold at $1,000 (against a retail price of $2,250).

In total, seven Platinum numbers can be reserved for 15 ETH each, 14 Gold numbers can be reserved for 10 ETH each, and 16 Silver numbers can be reserved for 5 ETH each. These premium numbers will also come with a complimentary custom leather pen case.

As only 88 fountain pens and 888 rollerball pens will be manufactured, this presents a unique and rare opportunity to obtain what is guaranteed to be a collector’s item. All numbers will be available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Once pre-production is over, the production stage will be carried out for two weeks from May 12 to May 27, during which orders will receive a 40% discount.

Retail sales are expected to begin in July. As no Ethereum Pens will be produced after this, owners will own a truly unique piece of crypto history, encapsulated in the finest hand-made writing instruments that Ancora has become synonymous with.

Ancora is a homegrown Italian luxury brand manufacturing a diverse range of writing instruments and accessories. Its past works have been famed for incorporating incredibly unique materials, such as grey stones from Pisa, marble from the Michelangelo, volcanic rock from Vesuvius and even wood from the hull of the Titanic.

Ancora’s workmanship is grounded in hundreds of years of crafting tradition, with a single-minded aim of delivering outstanding excellence to their demanding customers.

Every minute detail is painstakingly created by hand, each brush stroke uses miniature painting techniques performed by skilled artists, preserved with multiple layers of varnish – all in a workshop housed by the birthplace of Ancora’s founder, Giuseppe Zanini.

As owners of the Bitcoin Pen will have seen, Ancora’s crypto-themed pens feature an easy filling system which minimizes ink spills, giving the smoothest writing experience.

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