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IZEA to Accept BTC and ETH as Payments for Its Marketing Services

UTC by Sanaa Sharma · 3 min read
IZEA to Accept BTC and ETH as Payments for Its Marketing Services
Photo: IZEA

IZEA at present owns Bitcoin and Ethereum and has been on a gaining streak with the value of assets skyrocketing over the years.

Marketing technology company IZEA Worldwide, has decided to allow Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as payments for its influencer marketing services. 

The company designs technology to enable creators to earn money by producing and sharing content for marketers. Since IZEA is an international company, its marketing services extend across several nationalities. IZEA is all set to carry out its payments with some chosen influencers in the form of cryptocurrency, as a part of its crypto drive program. 

According to the latest study conducted on some thousand US contestants, IZEA concluded that one of the first people to conform to the crypto space are the influencers. Around sixty-five percent of the influencers who partook in the study already possessed a cryptocurrency, while fifty percent of them showed interest in being paid digital tokens for their content. 

The massive support for the cryptocurrency market further strengthens IZEA’s resolve to involve itself in the influencer marketing industry. The company has lived up to the survey results and has enabled top brands to deliver in cryptocurrency for its operations and services. According to Ted Murphy, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of IZEA, the company initially welcomed cryptocurrency in 2018 with its first-ever cryptocurrency mining operations for altcoins. Murphy goes on to claim that while the legal pauses in the world of Blockchain held the company back from diving all in, now that the space has evolved over the years, the company is ready to walk the Blockchain and crypto road. 

IZEA at present owns BTC and ETH and has been on a gaining streak with the value of assets skyrocketing over the years. While the company’s early mining operations were more targeted towards the altcoins, they were eventually converted to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ted Murphy, the CEO of IZEA stated that while the firm was one of its kind in 2006, and is responsible for establishing the entire ‘influencer marketing industry, it is also eager to evolve and adopt new technology to keep up with the times. The latest move to deal with Bitcoin and Ethereum for payments establishes several possibilities for collaborations with influencers in the future. 

IZEA Worldwide is a marketing technology firm that furnishes brands with software and experience services to partner and associate with today’s top-level influencers and content creators in social circles. 

The company promotes and works for the ever-growing Creator Economy, where people can earn money from their content, creativity, and talent. Established in 2006 as the first company of its type, it is now responsible for more than 4 million transactions among online traders. 

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