Japan’s J.League Is the 4th League to Join Sorare’s Global Fantasy Football Game

Place/Date: Tokyo & Paris - August 18th, 2020 at 7:46 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Brian O’Hagan, Public Relations, Source: Sorare

Japan’s J.League Is the 4th League to Join Sorare’s Global Fantasy Football Game
Photo: Sorare

All the J.League players will be tokenized and available on Sorare’s global fantasy football platform as digital player cards starting August 17th. Developing a presence on Sorare allows J.League, its clubs, and its players to develop their brands to Sorare’s worldwide audience of passionate gamers. Blockchain licensing represents a new revenue stream for
J.League that was not possible before Sorare’s global approach to fantasy football.

Football collectors have been able to collect and trade sports player cards in the physical world for decades. Sorare has created a new class of collectibles: officially-licensed digital player cards. Using blockchain technology (Ethereum), card owners can freely buy, sell, and transfer their cards in Sorare and on other games. Blockchain gives gamers a new level of freedom for the digital items they own.

Sorare was designed to appeal to mainstream football fans’ love of showcasing their knowledge and expressing their fandom. The team’s vision is to become the go-to game to increase the enjoyment of live football. They are making it happen by enabling users to play fantasy football with these officially-licensed digital player cards. Fantasy football involves selecting player cards to create your own teams. Your team score depends on the score of the real players’ performances during their game that weekend. If your team scores more points than other people’s teams, you rank higher in the division and can earn rewards.

The game was launched in March 2019 by two experienced entrepreneurs, Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, that saw the potential of blockchain technology to create a new category in the sports gaming industry. The company, which is already profitable, has sold cards across 60 countries in just over 12 months, while the platform sales have multiplied its volume by 20x from $30,000 per month in December 2019 to $600,000 per month in July 2020.

Nicolas Julia, CEO at Sorare, said:

“Soccer is the 2nd biggest sport in Japan and it is growing rapidly thanks to the Japanese Football Association ambitious development strategy. We are proud to help the J.League and Japanese football shine even more in Europe and the Americas with our game. This agreement is a key step in our vision to create a global fantasy football game with the top 20 football leagues in the world.”

About Sorare

Sorare is a global fantasy football game where managers can trade official digital collectibles. Founded in March 2018, Sorare is on a mission to make crypto fun and accessible to all through fantasy football. Sorare’s game has attracted 25,000+ users with a monthly volume of $600,000 in July 2020. Based in Paris, Sorare is funded by Tier 1 VCs such as e.ventures, Partech, Seedcamp and ConsenSys, and World-Cup Champion André Schürrle.

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