Better Than Jesus: CCN Came Back From the Dead

UTC by Teuta Franjkovic · 3 min read
Better Than Jesus: CCN Came Back From the Dead
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In less than three days (quicker than the son of God himself) crypto website CCN came back from the dead saying that ‘’, their previous domain – is reappearing in Google searches.

Just when we thought we’ll all gonna “Woodstock” against Google and march for journalist freedom in the name of the CCN – they surprised us again – or not.

This week began sadly for the crypto media community. One of the prominent members and websites decided to shut their door and stop working thanks to Google Update.

What actually happened is that Google’s June 2019 broad core algorithm update was officially implemented on the 3rd of June. The update is part of a yearly routine by the SEO giants towards ensuring a flawless search engine optimization on their platform. With a major benefit of boosting traffic for already in-demand webpages and diminishing visitors’ influx on their “clickbait” pairs. Google had earlier stated, that it informs its clients about these changes beforehand as the process involves nothing but ’simple fixes’.

However, it seems that Google didn’t inform any of member of crypto community since we had CoinDesk dropping by 34.6%, CoinTelegraph by 21.1% and CCN by enormous 71%.

Its Founder, Jonas Borchgrevink said that while he doesn’t want to speculate whether or not this might have affected their site, he certainly hopes Google isn’t actively suppressing journalism.

He has also said that they haven’t been warned in any case:

”Give a three month’s notice to all webmasters, let alone news organizations, of any major Google Core Update and elaborate what it might affect.”

However, it seems that his tears fell on fertile ground because, in less than three days (may we remind you, that’s quicker than Jesus) they came back from the dead saying that ‘’, their previous domain- is reappearing in Google searches.

Borchgrevink said:

“That was a massive surprise for us as I personally requested a domain name change in 2017 from to Since that change, ‘’ was effectively absent on Google. Now it’s back and is inexplicably using recent 2019 articles from This is abrupt and confusing.”

He also added that whether or not the Google June 2019 Core Update is to blame, that they are fixing it.

“We’re receiving help from multiple SEO teams to understand what has transpired. There’s still a good chance that this won’t correct our visibility on Google overnight, but I’m hopeful we are on the right path to figuring it out.”

Good to have you back our little drama queens.

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