Job Posting Reveals Amazon (AMZN) Is Putting Advertising on Blockchain

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Job Posting Reveals Amazon (AMZN) Is Putting Advertising on Blockchain
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Amazon (AMZN) is on the hunt for a software development engineer to develop an Amazon advertising blockchain. They posted a job offer seeking for a development engineer for their advertisement blockchain.

It seems Amazon (AMZN) decided to go blockchain. Latest rumors say the company is up to integrate parts of its advertising business with a blockchain.

This Seattle-based e-commerce giant is now hiring, just FYI. In their recent job announcement they put on LinkedIn, they’re saying they are looking for a senior software engineer to join its “Advertising FinTech team focused on a Blockchain ledger”.

The new team will be based in Boulder, Colorado and it’s allegedly going to be focused on billing and reconciliation systems to provide transparency on trans-national financial data. As per job description:

“This is an opportunity to define a technology architectural direction of a greenfield area for Amazon’s advertising business using Blockchain technology.”

If you find this add interesting, be aware that you have to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field and eight years of experience in software development, according to the listing. However, there is no enough details on the kind of blockchain that Amazon will use so we can only presume how it’s going to be like.

Since this seems to be a “greenfield” project, it’s hard to even imagine the details. Be it as it may – it’s for us to wait and see will this project actually happen and, if it does, in what way.

Be it as it may, the fact is that the company has been trying to get in the blockchain space for quite a long now.

Just for reminder, last November, the company launched two blockchain-based initiatives from first one is called Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB), and the other is called Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). Both initiatives were announced at Amazon’s most recent re:Invent conference. AMB is available in a limited preview, and interested parties need an AWS Account ID to apply. They can fill out basic details to apply for program, and if accepted, Amazon will contact them.

Let’s also not forget that in June this Jeff Bezos’ company partnered with a British insurance firm to develop a pension blockchain system. The very same month, Amazon had become the most valuable company in the world, after surpassing Google and Apple.

As per add, the chosen engineer will have to deal with “requirements analysis, lead design, implementation and deployment of core components, interfacing with engineers and program managers”. Also, the selected candidate will be considered responsible for the operational support and maintenance of the systems.

The engineer will, as per the company, “have an opportunity to define the technical and architectural roadmap for the systems.” From Amazon they said that they prefer candidates with experience in the advertisement, financial technology, and blockchain.

In the other news, Amazon together with the 19 other big household names like Deloitte and Fidelity recently had partnered with IDEO’s venture arm IDEO CoLab Ventures to launch a blockchain accelerator called Startup Studio. The collaboration will see Amazon offer workshops on building and deploying the Amazon Web Service (AWS) infrastructure.

At the time of writing, Amazon (AMZN) stock was slightly going up for 0.31% to $1,793.40. These are actually good news because stock has fallen more than 10% since the company reported mixed second-quarter results. AMZN stock suffered the longest eight-day fall since July 2006 and the sell-off literally erased more than $120 billion in market capitalization in just two weeks.

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