Rick & Morty Creator Justin Roiland Sells Art Works on Nifty Gateway for $1.65M

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Rick & Morty Creator Justin Roiland Sells Art Works on Nifty Gateway for $1.65M
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Popular artists are getting to display their digital artworks through the Gemini-backed Nifty Gateway for the global community to reach.

In a stunning turn of events, Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland sold an art collection on Gemini-backed platform Nifty Gateway for 1,323.604 ETH valued at approximately $1.65 million. According to metrics provided by Cryptoart.io, Justin Roiland managed to sell 868 artworks on January 20.

According to Roiland, some of the proceeds from his artwork sales will go towards helping homeless people in Los Angeles who have been largely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The simplicity of the artwork left many dazzled by how their value is derived. However, on his Twitter page, Roiland left more questions than answers to the followers. “The best I could do. Testing the boundaries of crypto art. What makes something valuable? The art? The artist? The process? The state of mind while created? The intention of the piece? Feeling really good about this collection,” Roiland’s tweet reads.

Digital Art of Justin Roiland

The artwork industry is gaining huge traction, particularly in the blockchain industry. More popular artists are getting to display their digital artwork through the Gemini-backed Nifty Gateway for the global community to reach. Mind you, it is significantly increasing the crypto and blockchain use case that is said to be the primary call for the ongoing crypto bull rally.

Roiland is popularly known for being the voice behind Rick and Morty. Besides he is the voice behind lemongrab. Notably, Roiland has a huge Twitter following amounting to over 760k, thus making him a major artwork developer.

Some of the Roiland’s artwork that sold for good fortune include the ‘The Smintons’ that sold for $290,100.00 (232.054 ETH), ‘The First Ever Edition Of Rick And Morty Crypto art’ that sold for $150,000.00 (119.987 ETH), ‘The Girl’ that sold for $100,000.00 (79.991 ETH), and ‘She Could Have Been Something’ that sold for $92,000.00 (73.592 ETH).

The artworks are secured on the Ethereum blockchain through the NFT tokens. As a result, the new owner can sell them through the blockchain on a higher value if the demand gets higher. Consequently, the Ethereum blockchain benefits from the increased utility among other use cases.

The booming digital artwork industry coincides with the ongoing crypto volatility that has seen Ethereum retest its all-time high set back during its 2017/2018 rally. Increased demand from institutional investors and retail traders has made the crypto market hugely disrupt the traditional financial system.

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