Juventus Signs Deal with Sorare Blockchain to Offer Digital Collectibles for Football Fans

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Juventus Signs Deal with Sorare Blockchain to Offer Digital Collectibles for Football Fans
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Thanks to Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard, here’s one more weird way of using blockchain to deliver customers an unforgettable experience. Sorare startup offers football clubs to deliver blockchain cards with the favorite players, buy and exchange them.

Sorare is a platform that allows football clubs to identify themselves with blockchain movement and increase fanbase. Juventus, a famous Italian football club inks the deal with gaming startup Sorare. Now, the club participants like Cristiano Ronaldo can appear as virtual collectible cards attached to a blockchain.

Sorare already made similar deals with AS Roma, West Ham United, and other European clubs. Juventus is now a part of the famous closed club of football clubs who order blockchain service from Sorare. The fans will receive rare cards with a unique ID, no one will be able to copy or steal the card. The digital cards are linked to the blockchain, but also the performance of the players. The more achievements a certain player gains during championships, the more a collectible card will cost.

Sorare is a ‘crypto agnostic’ startup founded back in 2018, which marks the path for the blockchain gaming industry. It will show people that blockchain is indeed useful not only for payments or shady smart contracts. The company received backing from Ubisoft and ConsenSys, which means they rely on the Ethereum‘s blockchain to roll the data.

Collectibles Rule Hearts and Business Thanks to Sorare

This is the first in the history cryptocurrency firm that received legal right to distribute collectible football cards. The company shares some of its profits with football clubs, making the richest players of the world aware of the blockchain revolution, as Don Tapscott would call it.

Sorare gives football fans worldwide the possibility to trade the cards on their platform, as well as practice them in a dedicated online arena. Nicolas Julia, the Sorare CEO, considers Juventus is the top club:

“We are very proud to have signed this agreement with such an Italian heavyweight. We see this as a new key step in our vision to onboard the best soccer clubs from around the world and bring blockchain-gaming to football fans around the world”

Juventus: Such Rare Club Worth 120 Years

This club has the largest fan base among the Italian people, as well as many Russians, Americans, Chinese folks and anyone. Let us also mention that Juventus has become the first football club that announced its plans for tokenization. It happened in December 2019.

Each card is a unique piece delivering joy directly to the hardcore fan. Nobody can make a copy of it, thanks to the non-fungible token architecture, used by the startup. The cards have a peg with ERC-721 standard tokens, in distribution on the Ethereum blockchain. All thanks to ConsenSys coders.

Football clubs and leagues want to find ways to join this VIP company, but only the best ones can. Having a cool football game? Think about finance.

This Italian club devastated many of the world’s top championships. The glory shines far behind the horizon, as Juventus features stars of football. All those whom you wanted to be in childhood are here. And the collectible cards only make players more famous. It is good that computer technologies finally find the same interests with the sport. In the future, sport and computers will unite to deliver the best experience to people interested simultaneously in self-development and personal finance boost.

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