Kepler Introduces Its Decentralized Platform for Robotics Development and AI

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Kepler Introduces Its Decentralized Platform for Robotics Development and AI
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The robotics firm Kepler Technologies has presented its very own blockchain-based platform aiming to build an international AI and robotics ecosystem.

Georgia-based robotics firm Kepler Technologies has announced its intention to create a blockchain-based platform to foster the development of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). The company will leverage the benefits of decentralization to encourage a free and democratic approach to this modern and controversial field of technology.

Representing an industry already estimated at over $80 billion, robotics are now omnipresent in almost every aspect of daily technology, as communication takes place within a moment and inventions grow to be more flexible, achieving levels of comfort and convenience for people’s lives.

Behind all these technological advancements lie some forms of AI, automated systems that are taught to learn and adapt, taking more and more decisions and assisting various industries to become more productive, more efficient and more accurate.

However, the impact that AI exerts on the world continues to be restricted by the high barriers related to its development, which make the field virtually impenetrable for many self-starters and entrepreneurs. Great innovators are unable to realize their ideas for the reason of difficult access to the resources needed. The robotics industry, therefore, is at risk of stagnating.

Kepler’s solution, the first of its kind, will represent an ecosystem to unite developers and inventors with the funding and technical expertise required for developing their ideas and distributing their products. Through the use of enhanced analytics, data science and predictive algorithms, the platform will be fully backed by assets.

Kepler Technologies envisions a community-led and community-centered ecosystem that will liberate the closed access market, allowing it the freedom necessary to catalyze innovations. This asset-backed platform will feature a global technology marketplace and a network of collaboration. Marketplace users will be able to access all kinds of AI and robotics projects, transparently available for inspection.

Every proposal submitted to Kepler Technologies will be recorded on to the blockchain and secured through an innovative Proof-of-Creation network protocols. Investors will be able to select projects they want to fund, while developers will enjoy open access to various technical services according to the needs of their projects. The investment opportunities will be powered through the use of tokenized assets with the added value of liquidity options.

The firm will also benefit from reform policies under the Georgian government facilitating its acquisition of landed property. This will become the foundation for Kepler Technologies’ robotics factories, which are planned to be among the largest in the world.

At the same time, the company will develop an incubation hub to groom the world’s most talented inventors and developers in the field. Creators will have a full-featured launchpad to introduce their ideas, as well as follow-up services including technical expertise and advice to assist with other necessary requirements, such as prototyping, patenting and marketing.

The KEP token will be the native digital asset of Kepler’s ecosystem, powering all transactions, including purchasing products at discounted prices, funding proposals and voting for projects. It is an ERC20 compliant token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Platform users will use KEP to vote on project proposals, with each vote counting towards the funding requirement executed via smart contracts. Once the project’s target is achieved, the team of creators will be transported to Georgia to access all the resources needed for the project’s future development. Each successful project, once profitable, will distribute dividends to backers.

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