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KICKICO, a Blockchain Platform Revolutionizing ICO and Crowdfunding, Is About to Be Launched

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
KICKICO, a Blockchain Platform Revolutionizing ICO and Crowdfunding, Is About to Be Launched

The startup will provide a new blockchain-based platform that is claimed to solve major problems of cryptocurrency crowdfunding, such as fraud and inaccessibility.

Group of international blockchain enthusiasts lead by Anti Danilevski, well-known crowdfunding evangelist, announced the creation of a new fundraising blockchain platform. A startup named KICKICO combines and dramatically changes the existing concepts of ICO and Crowdfunding.

ICO is a hot topic. Report, issued by analysts from Autonomous Next in July 2017, states that ICOs helped to raise around $1.2 billion just from the beginning of 2017. 

However, there are still many risks faced by investors, including insufficient regulation and poor protection against fraud. Moreover, the majority of information about ICOs is in English, which is inconvenient for investors who are not native English speakers.

And while some investors still having their doubts about security and stability of existing ICO platforms KICKICO creators found the solution, launching blockchain-powered crowdfunding 2.0 environment.

KICKICO is not just the next ICO platform, its ecosystem will form the whole new KICKonomy, based on KICK-coins, the tokens that the platform will issue during the ICO. It will implement some principles of decentralized organization, allowing the community to participate in decision-making process about platform’s development.

It also allows running crowdinvesting and crowdfunding campaigns which make it a one-of-a-kind marketplace both for investors and founders. Backers of the campaigns will have the opportunity not only invest in the projects they’ve picked but also earn extra KickCoin, providing some services to favorite projects, for instance, help with localization.

Along with excellent technical expertise of the developers involved in the project, the team will allocate some serious specialists for free founders consulting. Such support will include marketing, post-ICO/crowdfunding strategic development of the products and tech support: from smart contracts to additional integrations with various Etherium apps that will be available in the nearest future.

Pre-ICO for KICKICO is scheduled for the 28th of July, and ICO is planned on the 29th of August. First fundraising campaigns on the platform will go live in the early September. Three of them are already available for consideration on KICKICO marketplace.

In the meantime, Borsa Italiana, an Italian subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group, has recently partnered with IBM to digitally issue private shares of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Italy. The move is aimed to digitize shareholding structures, facilitate cap table management and strengthen investor confidence. According to the group, this may be a first step toward digitizing the actual shares in the future.

Using Hyperledger’s Fabric distributed ledger technology, the solution will make it easier for exchanges to record and keep track of the shareholding patterns in unlisted companies.

Another area where the blockchain technology could be applied is the employments sector.  Just a few days ago, an Ethereum-based decentralized job market platform, called Blocklancer, unveiled plans to form the first system that is claimed to solve significant issues within the current job market. Called “Distributed Autonomous Job Market”, the platform will enable employers and independent contractors to easily connect avoiding third parties.

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