LG Unveils EXAONE 2.0, Multimodal AI Software for Professional Use

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LG Unveils EXAONE 2.0, Multimodal AI Software for Professional Use
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The services on the EXAONE platform offer AI solutions to professionals across various fields.

LG Group, a South Korean conglomerate, has introduced an upgraded version of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and has also shown how it will work across diverse businesses. The new version is called EXAONE 2.0, a hyperscale AI, and it is an improvement on the first model launched by LG in 2021.

Key Features of LG’s EXAONE 2.0

EXAONE 2.0 is referred to as a hyperscale AI because it can think, learn, and make decisions on its own, similar to how the human mind works. This was achieved by feeding the software with a large data set and creating infrastructure that would enable it to carry out extensive computing capabilities. LG trained the new model using vast data, using around 45 million theses and 350 million images.

The new software can also understand information and images in both Korean and English. Having these capabilities, that is, being a bilingual and multi-modal model, makes LG believe it has an advantage over its domestic competitors like Samsung and Hyundai.

Compared to the existing model, EXAONE 2.0’s language model has been significantly improved in terms of its performance, processing time, cost savings, and memory usage. Interference processing time has been reduced by 25% and memory usage by 70%, saving an estimated cost of 78% and making it efficient and economical in its operations.

LG has three services in its EXAONE (Expert AI for Everyone) platform: the Universe, designed for professionals; Discovery, focusing on chemical and biological fields, assisting the development of new materials, substances, and drugs; and the Atelier, which combines languages and images.

The Head of AI Research at LG, Kyunghoon Bae, said in a press conference in Seoul:

“We are the only Korean company that has succeeded in commercializing a bilingual and multi-modal model… AI technologies should be proven by using them for commercial purposes.”

The services on the EXAONE platform offer AI solutions to professionals across various fields, with solutions that include evidence-based answers and multimodal expression of information.

The software’s capabilities have been demonstrated in different ways. It has been used to analyze a conversation between a call center employee and a customer about a malfunctioning washing machine. It has also been shown to generate catchy slogans for advertising cosmetics.

LG plans to sell EXAONE 2.0 across multiple industries starting this year. Some of the software features will also be available to the general public for free. It also intends to collaborate with its affiliates, including LG Chem Ltd. and LG Display Co., to enhance the model. Furthermore, the company is actively recruiting AI talent from different countries and already has an AI center in Michigan, which is part of its move for advancement in the field.

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