Love, Death + Robots Announces NFT Scavenger Hunt

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Love, Death + Robots Announces NFT Scavenger Hunt
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Love, Death + Robots is not the first Netflix show to venture into the world of blockchain technology and crypto

Animated Netflix series “Love, Death + Robots” has announced an NFT scavenger hunt for its US fans. Working with the web3 studio feature, the show’s creators came up with nine QR codes that will enable fans to mint NFTs. The codes are embedded in episodes of the series, its social media accounts, billboards and other media.

An official announcement about the Love, Death + Robots NFT hunt reads:

“Nine Love, Death + Robots QR-Coded Artworks have been strewn across the digital and physical world. Each piece of special, limited edition imagery reflects Love, Death + Robots’ unique collective of visual perspectives and creative storytelling from Volume 3. To collect them all, you’ll have to be vigilant. Look out for Love, Death + Robots QR codes to scan in order to unlock the art. Mint the art as an NFT, or right-click and save it the old-fashioned way. The choice is yours, human.”

This feature is only available to US viewers with OpenSea accounts and a MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. Scanning the code will grant users access to a single NFT through their OpenSea accounts. They will then be able to mint the NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, paying the gas fee attached. According to the Emmy-winning show’s OpenSea account, the  NFT floor price is 0.003 ETH (about $6). The account has a trading volume of 19.3 ETH ($37,000) and just over 27, 000 NFT owners.

NFTs and Crypto in Film and TV

Love, Death + Robots is not the first Netflix show to venture into the world of blockchain technology and crypto. On March 30 this year, the streaming service released a documentary titled “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King”. The documentary is based on events surrounding the suspicious death of the founder and CEO of the Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX.

Last month media company Mad Realities raised $6 million in a funding round. The company’s focus is decentralised media. It aims to eventually run as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) that will allow members to co-create the shows they watch. This privilege will be reserved for NFT holders. This takes a similar route to the Mila Kunis-backed adult series “The Gimmicks” in which holders of the show’s NFTs get to vote on the direction of the show’s storyline at the end of each episode.

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