Lucyd Partners With SuperWorld to Provide App on Lucyd Smart-Glasses

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

Lucyd has announced its strategic collaboration with SuperWorld, aiming to provide a social AR platform and developer tools on Lucyd Lens smart glasses.

Augmented Reality (AR) smart-glasses and software developer, Lucyd Pte Ltd, has recently announced its partnership with SuperWorld. The collaboration is aimed to provide a social AR platform and developer tools on Lucyd Lens smart glasses, as well as to expedite the development of the technology whilst benefiting each company equally.

Harrison Gross, Media Lead at Lucyd was the first to express his excitement about the company’s partnership with SuperWorld. Harrison believes that SuperWorld has developed a great toolbox for AR developers, which will make it possible for them to easily create and share AR worlds.

Cofounder of SuperWorld, Hrish Lotlikar, also voiced his pride concerning the recent collaboration. He is looking forward to leverage the most technologically advanced hardware in order to develop the social AR platform on Lucyd AR smart glasses.

The team believes that providing users the opportunity to create and personalize their own world in AR can open the technology to a more mainstream audience.

Lucyd is a subsidiary for fellow tech player Tekcapital PLC, whose shares saw a substantial gain last Thursday, following the news that the Lucyd blockchain venture has received $6.1 million dollars in contributions through its Token Generation Event (TGE). Lucyd was established by Tekcapital last year with the intention of stimulating the increased development of the ergonomic AR smart-glasses and the blockchain-based app store tied to the device.

Lucyd has just finished its TGE, which officially concluded on February 28th, 2018. The company created 100,000,000 LCD Tokens, 50,000,000 of which were available during the sale. The native LCD tokens were sold for a price of $0.25 per one. The team’s tokens were locked for one year, while all the rest unsold tokens were burnt.

Lucyd Pte Ltd was originally launched as a portfolio company of Tekcapital Plc in 2017. The company has a roadmap, with a final goal of revolutionizing the visual experience by developing efficient and ergonomic smart-glasses applicable to decentralized apps, called DApps, that can be used through the smart glass platform. The company is striving towards an easy-to-make, shareable virtual experience leveraging the most advanced AR content.

SuperWorld is a social AR platform which enables different brands and users to customize the real-life experience with a limitation only from the participant’s imagination. The company offers a broad selection of ways for participants to customize their augmented reality, including adding photos, videos, texts, and 3D objects. The best feature is the ability for content to be created and shared with friends and other users.

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