Artist Marcel Van Luit to Release Latest Collection as Limited-edition NFTs on Terra Virtua

Place/Date: - June 2nd, 2021 at 3:29 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Marcel Van Luit, Source: Marcel Van Luit

Artist Marcel Van Luit to Release Latest Collection as Limited-edition NFTs on Terra Virtua
Photo: Marcel Van Luit

Dutch artist Marcel Van Luit will release a series of five limited edition artworks on 2 June with NFT marketplace Terra Virtua following an exhibition of his new collection The Flower Series.

Marcel’s creations are inspired by the natural world and combine his love of photography and painting. His artwork is much admired by art-loving celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Amanda Cerny.

This new art collection contains three original artworks titled Giraffe, Lion and Elephants, which he created at the start of the Covid pandemic to symbolize spring and the opportunity it brings for life to flourish once again.

The artworks will be released after a 2-hour live online exhibition on Terra Virtua’s Twitch channel, starting at 4 pm on Wednesday, June 2nd. During the event, Marcel will discuss his work before it is made available to collectors.

The Flower Collection will be released alongside two other limited edition artworks, including a collaboration with Scott Lipps to produce a still and animated portrait of Keanu Reeves, and a video collaboration which includes an original soundtrack by John Ewbank.

Marcel Van Luit said:

“My work is inspired by the beauty of nature – flowers play a big role in my art pieces. This series is a tribute to flowers, which are a universal symbol of beauty, signifying comfort, love and affection.”

You can read more about Marcel in this blog here.

About Marcel Van Luit

Marcel Van Luit is a Dutch artist who is best known for visualizing dreamy scenarios. Marcel has commissioned art pieces for clients across the globe and is celebrated for his use of tones, darkness, and light to create compelling new worlds.

About Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua is the world’s first fully immersive digital collectibles platform. Using blockchain technology, it allows digital asset collectors to display and interact with their virtual goods in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and in 3D on PCs.