Matchpool Aims to Broaden Asian Presence on Global Market Through Its QTUM Dev Challenge

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Matchpool Aims to Broaden Asian Presence on Global Market Through Its QTUM Dev Challenge
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Matchpool launches a development contest with special bonuses for winners to win the Asian market and kickstart the company’s presence in the sector.

After a successful launch, Matchpool, recognizing the importance of the Asian market on the global arena, now plans to develop the QGUP model specially for this region of the world. Through the development contest, Matchpool looks to kickstart their presence in this sector, and begin integrating into the ecosystem with the company’s community network.

Within the competition, titled ‘QTUM Dev Challenge’, all competitors will work towards developing a QTUM version of Matchpool for Asia with QGUP as its official currency. Matchpool expects many experienced developers from all over the world to take part, making the competition attract lots of attention.

What Matchpool is primarily looking for is a killer social app. Especially in Asian markets where social messengers like WhatsApp, WeChat, or LINE currently dominate over the smaller ones. The company sees the developing of a revolutionary social media app as a sure-fire way to attract users’ attention and create a rapidly growing community.

Matchpool aims to design a platform with worldwide adoption, and for this purpose the company has a few conditions for the app developers to submit. In order to ensure a constant demand for the QGUP currency, some “in-app” services should be paid. To enable the QGUP’s further adoption and to give the currency preferential treatment, the app should include bonuses for paying with QGUPs. The last two conditions include the app’s immediate deployment straight after the contest and multilinguality.

Japan, China, and South Korea are all very pro-crypto countries, so ensuring the users from these three countries is a smart move. Being already accustomed to cryptocurrency, this audience can immediately start using the new application and platform.

The competition has begun on January 8th and will run until February 15th. Once a winner is selected, he will be rewarded with 5% of all QGUPs, vested in 18 monthly payments, as well as a $50,000 prize in either cash or QGUPs, which will be paid in 4 monthly installments upon MVP delivery.

The Matchpool’s matchmaking tools have use cases in every service industry, and are much broader than just dating websites. Bloggers could easily match their content with people, who are more likely to read up on it, startup ventures could use Matchpool to find like-minded community members, even salespersons or recruiters could use Matchpool’s technology to better find clients or best employees for the concrete tasks.

Matchpool has two product launches slated for later this week, one on the 18th of January and another on the 22nd. This follows a token distribution on the 15th, and Matchpool will end this month with a marketing challenge competition on the 25th.

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