The New Order: ARK And Blockport Unite to Tackle Exchange Complexities

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
The New Order: ARK And Blockport Unite to Tackle Exchange Complexities
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Blockport, the first social crypto exchange, has collaborated with ARK, a famous provider of innovative blockchain technologies, in order to develop an ‘exchange for exchanges.’

The meteoric rise of cyptocurrencies in the last couple of months, both in value and popularity, has attracted a swarm of new investors, eager to support some ground breaking projects and develop their own portfolios. This swell has turned out to be difficult for large exchange platforms to perform properly, closing off new members from signing up and controlling the influx of trade requests.

This raises the question: who exactly holds the power in this relationship. Blockport claims to know the answer. The large exchanges are exclusive, which means that they request  you to create new membership for each exchange you use. This is not only time consuming, but also unconvenient in use, cause you have to keep a track of multiple wallets and amounts over multiple exchanges. This is an unnecessary complication contradicting to what most crypto projects are trying to promote – simplicity.

Blockport aims to develop an “exchange for exchanges” by creating a decentralised social trading platform that will let users price check and trade on the best exchange suited for them. ARK has utilized this potential, creating partnerships and promoting the company’s ground-breaking features offered on the ARK platform. Current platforms impose high barriers to entry, because they often lack in usability, transparency and education. As a result, many people are discouraged to adopt the crypto economy.

ARK is in the business to deliver easy tools for mass level adoption, and Blockport represents a decentralized exchange working to incorporate user-friendly features on its system. Exchanges should be easily operable, and Blockport supports this under their ethos of “crypto trading for all”.

ARK will be advising Blockport on how to utilize ARKs capabilities and simplify the trading experience for users. Using the ARK cryptocurrency ecosystem, Blockport sees its mail goal in uniting all existing blockchain technologies into one single platform. This is the fundamental idea of the project.

This simplified unification comes to benefit all parties involved and demonstrates the efficacy of both company’s goals and capabilities. It’s a well executed symbiosis that will benefit the cyptocurrency trading ecosystem as a whole. The complex process of understanding the processes of trading and exchanging can be streamlined by Blockport, and the anxiety that currently comes with choosing the “right” exchange will no longer exist.

Blockport will use ARK technology to create a social aspect to the exchange as well, with the ability to follow top traders, check their risk indicators, and follow or copy their trading activities. The traders, who build followers themselves, will be rewarded in the form of Blockport Tokens.

The ability to benefit from different markets on one dashboard and send out orders across these platforms automatically is exactly the thing, which is necessary to streamline the entire process. This order of simplicity to trading is too attractive to be ignored by both current traders and those hoping to set their foot in the game.

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