Meet NaPoleonX: the First 100% Algorithmic Crypto-Asset Manager

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Meet NaPoleonX: the First 100% Algorithmic Crypto-Asset Manager
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Having raised 5,000,000 EUR in under 24 hours, French startup NaPoleonX is moving towards its next milestone, aiming to reach 10,000,000 EUR.

The public crowdfunding campaign for NaPoleonX, the world’s first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager, has raised over 5,000,000 EUR in under 24 hours, smashing through its first milestone with the 20% bonus for early contributors.

Created with the sole purpose of marrying two of the greatest technological feats available to man, blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), NaPoleonX represents itself a complete paradigm shift that is set to redefine the whole cryptocurrency investment industry.

Leveraging Smart Contracts, DAO, DAC protocols and over 10 years of R&D, NaPoleonX offers more than 20 performing trading strategies for blockchain investment solutions. The platform’s omnipresent bots offer the best trading strategy for hedge funds and banks all over the world.

As Stéphane Ifrah, CEO of NaPoleonX, has stated:

“Institutional investors will have to diversify their investment portfolio and NaPoleonX is being shaped to tick all their usual due diligence boxes.”

NaPoleonX’s team has designed and developed these groundbreaking AI bots to leverage the best trading strategy for specific investment vehicles, such as DAFs (Decentralized Autonomous Funds), enabling investors to gain painless access to robust investing strategies. This scalable business model can manage several hundred million EUR worth of transaction running on one of the most liquid pool of real and crypto assets in the world.

The emergence of cryptocurrency as a new asset class has taken the financial industry by storm. Currently estimated at over $500 billion, this new market is championing revolutionary financial instruments, remaking the investment landscape. Targeting this market, NaPoleonX’s tailor-made investment solutions are aimed to clarify and facilitate the user’s cryptocurrency portfolio investments. The platform will also make the market accessible to large financial institutions.

After smashing through its first phase milestone with the 20% contributor bonus, NaPoleonX is now offering a 10% bonus for the next milestone, aiming to reach 10,000,000 EUR. Having started on January 22, 2018, the token sale will last until February 28, 2018.

The NaPoleonX’s native token (NPX) can be purchased at a price of 0.001 ETH per unit, with the minimum contribution of 0.3 ETH, 0.05 BTC or 750 EUR. The maximum token supply available for sale is 50,000,000 NPX.

NaPoleonX is a regulated and licensed startup in France. The company was founded by multi-billion asset managers from the country’s Tier 1 banks. Over the past ten years, NaPoleonX have created, designed, and deployed high-performance trading bots to global investors.

NaPoleonX is headed by Stéphane Ifrah, who has over 10 years experience in creating and developing algorithmic strategies. Arnaud Dartois PhD is the COO, who have several years working experience as a private equity investor. Jean-Charles Dudek is the CSO and possesses more than 10 years experience working as a financial banker within Tier 1 banks.

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