MetaHash Opens MainNet and Starts Coin Distribution for the Upcoming Forging

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MetaHash Opens MainNet and Starts Coin Distribution for the Upcoming Forging
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The asset exchange network and decentralized real-time application platform has just started ICO. Early supporters not only get the best deal, but can make the most of early forging that is scheduled for August.

ICO solves the problem of the seed funding, but the essential question is the ability of the system to function without additional investment. It depends to a large extent on the popularity of the project, but in the long run the focus is switching to the initial infrastructure of the system. #MetaHash, a network built on Blockchain 4.0, uses an innovative self-funding financial model – and the early supporters, who take part in the ICO scheduled for the 29th of June, will make the most of their investment.

#MetaHash combines asset exchange network and decentralized real-time application platform. The company has developed its own #TraceChain protocol that combines all the benefits of blockchain with the lowest price per transaction.

The company demonstrates the responsible approach to its work: the launch of its MainNet was preceded by a variety of load tests and public access to TestNet that led to over 500 billion transactions. The system developed by #MetaHash has proved its efficiency: its capacity exceeds 60,000 TPS while the validation speed is still under 3 seconds. Now MainNet is available for download at the official site. But that is not the only opportunity to take part in the development of #MetaHash ecosystem.

On the 29th of June the company has started its ICO. 920 billion coins will be distributed during Round A. The first buyers of #MetaHashCoin (#MHC) get a notable advantage because of the forging system implemented by #MetaHash. These people are expected to become the first nodes which will boost the development of the network.

Mining cryptocurrency is a popular way to enter the world of crypto. However, that method of acquiring cryptocurrency has several disadvantages. The most significant one is the hardware requirements. The price of achieving the needed computational power makes lots of people forget about this idea. Forging is not as demanding as mining: any common web-server or computer with good internet connection is enough.

#MetaHash uses forging to create the self-funding ecosystem. The launch is scheduled for August 2018 – and that is the time when the early #MHC owners will get the first rewards. The distribution of the forging results has already been revealed: half of forging rewards goes to coin owners, 40 percent is distributed among the nodes’ owners and the remaining part will become the reward for active users. #MHC owners will get one more advantage – they will be able to entrust their voting rights. They can do this to their own nodes or give it to a trusted node operator for shared commission.

#MetaHash positions itself as a next-generation network – and it definitely lines with the expectations. Its financial model is effective and transparent. What is more, the company gives its supporters a good reason to join ICO Round A as the earliest #MHC owners will have the opportunity to fully enjoy all the benefits of the early forging.

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