MicroSHIBA: Introducing a New Form of Buyback Transactions In a DeFi-based Community Project

August 9th, 2021 at 10:38 am UTC · 3 min read

MicroSHIBA: Introducing a New Form of Buyback Transactions In a DeFi-based Community Project

MicroSHIBA launched on August 4th, 2021, and within an hour, all the presale tokens (1000 BNB) were sold out, accomplishing an impressive feat for a new token. MicroSHIBA comes to the crypto stage with a new form of buyback transactions mechanics powered by smart contracts. The users, while earning more tokens by holding some, can also enjoy live performances, community games, and giveaways.

A community-centric DeFi platform, MicroSHIBA offers long-term growth and an engaged community to the users. With features like Auto-generated BNB rewards and manual buyback, the users can interact with MicroSHIBA in more than one method. MicroSHIBA has also been listed on CoinMarketCap and Coin Gecko on the day of its launch. A major CEX listing is also awaited and may happen in the near future.

A Token Focusing on Long-Term Growth

The MicroSHIBA token aims at bringing the most benefit to the investors by making everything safe and profitable. Built with the help of more than 40 DeFi experts, this platform has unique tokenomics.

15% of every buy and sell transaction on MicroSHIBA is cut as tax. The same is distributed between the community and the development team. 1% is sent directly to the holders as reflections, and another 4% is separated for hourly BNB rewards, which are automated.

2% of the taxed amount is sent to the liquidity pool, and 8% is meant for buyback transactions and marketing. MicroSHIBA buybacks are made to be smarter and community-centric.

Buybacks initiated during downtrends create extra pressure on the users to sell the tokens, which creates a chaotic situation. MicroSHIBA controls the chaos by creating a contract that can differentiate between uptrend and downtrend.

The buyback swap will only take place during uptrends, and no such transaction will happen during downtrends. The buybacks are not automated and need to be done manually, which gives the users another layer of scrutiny and protecting the assets.

Work is being done to create an oracle-like customized buyback system that will automatically place buybacks at the right time. Such application of smart contracts has not been done before any project, and the MicroSHIBA development hopes to create a new form solutions package for smart contracts.

IDO and NFT Marketplace Launch Set for in the Future

MicroSHIBA has shown confidence in launching an IDO aimed at launching other crypto projects. The projects that are to be launched will have to go through stringent security and quality checks along with having robust tokenomics.

The IDO launchpad will also benefit the MicroSHIBA users as they can participate in the launch by only holding MicroSHIBA tokens in their wallets. Another upgrade will come in the form of NFT Marketplace that will be used by artists to sell their work.

Besides the NFT and IDO, the users must also await the launch of a staking platform and a gaming platform for the community. These new additions are set to bring MicroSHIBA onto a new pedestal in the crypto space.

About MicroSHIBA

As a DeFi platform, MicroSHIBA provides a new way to help users protect their assets from the effects of sudden downtrends and uptrends, leading to speculative buybacks. On MicroSHIBA, smart contracts are customized to initiate buybacks only during uptrends.

As a platform that is promoted and backed by Michael Buffer and Kristian Nairn, MicroSHIBA works with a new form of technical system. The platform and its components have been verified via testnet and mainnet tests ensuring smooth functioning and security.


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