Miniapp Partners with ICOBox to Bring Its AI-powered Chatbot Platform to 300 Million SME Market

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Miniapp Partners with ICOBox to Bring Its AI-powered Chatbot Platform to 300 Million SME Market
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Chatbot platform teamed up with ICOBox, a SaaS solutions provider for conducting ICOs, to make its blockchain-based marketplace and AI-powered chatbot platform affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

A global blockchain-based marketplace and AI-powered chatbot platform for business developers,, has partnered with ICOBox, the leading provider of SaaS solutions for conducting ICOs. Withing the collaboration, ICOBox will provide with technical, legal, and marketing services as part of ICOBox Fixed-Price Service Package.

As founder and CEO of, Vitaly Gumirov, commented:

“We’ve got a powerful operational product, a reliable team that’s been working together for over 10 years, and the Advisory Board which includes recognized professionals in crypto technology and marketing. Now as ICOBox joins us with its expertise, our crowdsale is going to be even more successful.”

With the help of ICOBox in marketing activities, is intended to attract investors to company’s main project – a smart contract-based app marketplace and a chatbot platform designed to bring together chatbot developers, their clients and partners.

Anar Babaev, Co-Founder of ICOBox, expressed his confidence in upcoming ICO’s success:

“Bringing an operational, well-developed product to the right audience is a great responsibility. The ICOBox’s team in charge of marketing has unique knowledge of the industry. We are confident that our expertise will help propel this project to the new heights and attract the attention of the intended target audience.”’s chatbot platform is aimed to make high-tech technologies affordable not only for giant corporations, but also to small companies, the number of which is estimated to be up to 300 millions around the globe. With an open access to such modern IT-trends as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and chatbot technologies, smaller companies can improve their businesses and stay competitive with corporate giants. The goal of the Miniapps token sale is to secure enough support to reach at least 10% of this market.

As Vitaly Gumirov explained:

“While there’s much noise about neural networks, blockchain, and language processing, those technologies are currently affordable only to large corporations. Small businesses simply cannot make use of them because they don’t have sufficient skills, resources, and knowledge. Our platform is made to bridge this gap between SMEs and the hi-tech world.” team has been working together for 15 years and has accumulated significant experience in creating high-performance platforms for telecom and fintech. Its installations handle a total of about 3 billion transactions per month serving mobile users in Eastern Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

In a private presale which was held in September, the company has already collected USD 500,000. The entire amount is earmarked to launch the crowdsale campaign aimed at collecting funds for a rapid business expansion and international promotion of already operational Miniapps platform.

The awaited token sale will go on for two months starting from tomorrow, October 18, 2017. The total amount of tokens is 20 million. The soft cap is set at USD 8 million. During the crowdsale 10 million tokens will be offered to participants at the price of 0.01 ETH.

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