Monopolon Price Listing on, &

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Monopolon Price Listing on, &
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Monopolon is a power pack gaming technology.

Monopolon is the futuristic GameFi project, built on the blockchain network. This game is the virtual manifestation of our childhood board game Monopoly. The virtual infiltration makes the game more interesting and popular by making it a PlayToEarn model. The game is a project for all. There is a huge scope of earning for everyone who plays the game. The game is a combination of two modes. They are Player Vs Player (PVP) and Player Vs Environment (PVE). The low entry cost and the real-life characters make the game more interesting to play. The unique factor of Monopolon that makes it exclusive is the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) that it offers to its players.

Such an interesting game becomes more accessible, as its price listing is done on 3 major websites. They are –,, and Now anyone can easily track, monitor, and check the price of Monopolon on these websites. That is indeed a great milestone as we all know its impact.

Let us see how great the news is by a glance at these three companies.


Binance is the leading crypto exchange. It accepts over 500 cryptocurrencies. Users all over the world can trade through this platform. It offers competitive trading fees that facilitate both the beginner and the seasoned crypto traders to trade more. The exchange has also partnered with 3rd party companies like Simplex. It allows them credit card and wire transfer purchases of cryptocurrencies at a premium.

Therefore, the price listing of Monopolon on Binance is not only good news but also great news for those who are taking part and are interested in Monopolon. is an international cryptocurrency hub that consists of the App, Exchange, DeFi swap and wallet, Pay, Crypto Earn, Crypto credit, and many other services. It works with regular institutions all over the globe. allows users to trade on over 100 top cryptocurrencies at true cost. It also allows them high interest on their crypto and easy transactions on crypto payments.

Listing on makes Monopolon more secure and trustworthy. Moreover, it becomes easy to access, Monitor, and check its price.


CoinBase is the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. It is a distributed company. CoinBase aimed to create an open financial system for all, where all can convert fiat currency into digital currency and vice versa and could trade on it.

Coinbase is the perfect place for Monopolon to be listed on. The collaboration is going to boost their users.

Monopolon NFT

Monopolon has its unique NFT character which includes limited edition Mystic NFT, Legend NFT, unlimited Epic NFT, Rare NFT, and unlimited common NFTs. With good news of price Listing for Monopolon on three different and major crypto exchanges, another good news is that Monopolon has created a series of Mystic NFTs ‘Bluechip NFTs’ as promised earlier.

Besides there was a huge discount on NFT Equipment till 1st June. a total of 5 Weapon types will be released. They are- Spear, Sword, Dual Pistol, Bow, and Canon Gun. These NFTs will help the character NFTs to be stronger and farm more MGM.


Monopolon is a power pack gaming technology. Don’t move your eyes from it. Because, you blink and miss the chance. So, stay tuned, we will be right back with more.

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