Moon Rabbit: Advancing Longevity Pursuit through Crypto

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Moon Rabbit: Advancing Longevity Pursuit through Crypto
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The Moon Rabbit protocol is built atop the Substrate and Rust framework, flaunting a similar property alongside Polkadot as well as maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain (EVM Compatibility).

Of the numerous blockchain-backed projects being introduced and launched on a daily basis, the Moon Rabbit is unique in radically redefining the underlying purpose that can be achieved with digital currencies. The Moon Rabbit uses Substrate framework in a unique model – same as Polkadot Network – with the primary motive to advance the research on longevity and anti-aging through the help of cryptocurrencies and radical biotech technologies.

There has been a wide-ranging application of blockchain technology with the world of finance coming off as the biggest beneficiary. Beyond this area, the presence of blockchain is being felt in the supply chain management ecosystem, real estate, data security and management, and digital identity amongst others. The approach of the Moon Rabbit ecosystem to power longevity discovery and rediscover answers to the secret of life is truly revolutionary and represents a one-of-its-kind move. Moon Rabbit is structured as AngoZaibatsu, from Japanese “Ango” meaning Crypto as well as Dwelling in Peace, whereas Zaibatsu refers to the powerful conglomerates upon which the Japan Empire of the late XIX and early XX century became the world-dominating power.

Key Focus of the Moon Rabbit Agenda

The Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu seeks to combine the underlying principles of fundamental biology and digital technology to enable humans to transcend the known dimensions and experience new worlds and spiritual states. The protocol builds upon the best practices of Longevity including radical aging and therapy and genomics and cryptographic languages including Rust, Substrate, and Web3 to achieve its mission.

The Moon Rabbit ecosystem brandishes a decentralized approach to its mission and strategies. It consists of a system of systems, otherwise called jurisdictions, which are autonomous, and work in tandem to fulfill the mission of the broader project. Jurisdictions can create their own tokens, get creative with their own protocols to usher in new innovations that serve a greater goal of longevity pursuit.

The Moon Rabbit protocol is built atop the Substrate and Rust framework, flaunting a similar property alongside Polkadot as well as maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain (EVM Compatibility). Compared with the sister networks, Moon Rabbit has a massive ecosystem and opportunity to explore. While the Ethereum ecosystem has a current market cap of $230 billion, the Polkadot ecosystem boasting of $16.5 billion amidst the ongoing market dip, Moon Rabbit has the potential of meteoric growth in the months and years ahead.

The protocol is governed by the AAA tokens, and with it, users can help administer and run the inbuilt Longevity DAO for the protocol. Through the tokens, stakeholders get to choose and decide on which projects to back by participating in dedicated Temples, validating the core network. There are a total of 8,888,888,888,888 AAA tokens and a defined number of security deposits, per AAA tokens, must be made to achieve a Temple, and Jurisdiction status within the Moon Rabbit ecosystem. AAA will also be the sole method of payment for any life extension or healthspan improvement technologies that will be developed by Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu.

Part of the superiority of the Moon Rabbit infrastructure being brandished is its infinite scalability as any number of jurisdictions can be created, interoperability, and security.

About the Project Founder – Angel Versetti

Angel Versetti is a serial investopreneur that was recognized by Vatican Academy of Sciences as a Global 36 Leader and by Forbes as one of the 30 under 30 in Finance. He has been in Bitcoin since v. 0.1.0 (2011), participated in Ethereum and ChainLink ICO and revived Dogecoin via Dogecoin Foundation (, of which he is Founder, having created a DogeTop5 group and its alliance for WSB that brought the exponential growth for Dogecoin between December 2020 and April 2021. Angel’s love for crypto and longevity inspired the creation of the Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu, with plans to finance agencies expanding the discovery of Life Extension, Radical Aging Therapy – with the ultimate goal of reaching Immortality.

Through his exposure and network, Angel will be unveiling Moon Rabbit at the prestigious Ritossa Family Office Summit in Monte Carlo, Monaco on June 30 – July 2nd as the VIP Speaker. The summit dates back to more than 600 years at the time of the Venetian Empire in Europe, and with deep roots in the Middle East. The summit is organized for the most iconic investors featuring a presence ranging from over 300 business executives and aristocrats, including the heirs to the King of Italy, Kings of France, Kings of Spain, Emperors of Russia, Emperors of Germany and Emperors of Austria – and many others.

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