Mysten Labs Partners with Multiple Gaming Ecosystems to Launch Games on Sui from May 15th

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Mysten Labs Partners with Multiple Gaming Ecosystems to Launch Games on Sui from May 15th
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Web3 facilitator Mysten Labs will roll out immersive games on its Sui protocol next week in collaboration with select partners.

Mysten Labs has revealed 11 gaming partners for its Sui blockchain network, which goes live a week from now on May 15th. In addition to generating $300 million for the Sui Mainnet launched last week, Mysten Labs plans to launch high-end games on its Sui protocol.

In an interview with GamesBeat, CEO Evan Cheng provided insight into the workings of its decentralized gaming agenda. Cheng explained that players could gain instant access to Mysten’s gaming ecosystems, including developers and publishers. According to the company’s CEO, the Sui project considers the idea that not all protocols are the same. Speaking on Mysten’s existing partnerships, Cheng pointed out that one of the collaborative companies is producing a game based on The Walking Dead. This fact lends credence to the caliber and reputation of gaming partners that Mysten Labs has tapped for its Sui Layer 1 blockchain.

Mysten Labs Working Closely with Leading Game Partners to Leverage Sui Chain Advanced Technology

Over the past year, Mysten Labs has collaborated with some of the world’s most prominent game developers, publishers, and ecosystems. Building uniquely immersive and interactive games that leverage Sui’s advanced technology is at the core of these collaborations. At the recently concluded Consensus 2023 Conference, Mysten’s cofounder and chief product officer, Adeniyi Abiodun, exhibited several new game trailers.

Overall, Cheng also expressed enthusiasm and optimism at Sui’s prospects, explaining:

“Our team has been working tirelessly with some of the most distinguished, recognizable, and innovative gaming brands and creators in the world to build games that offer users brand new experiences on the Sui Layer 1 blockchain. We are excited to start on the summer of Sui.”

Furthermore, the Mysten Labs chief executive officer also added:

“We and our partners have truly enjoyed building games on Sui’s secure, scalable, and easy-to-use infrastructure, and we look forward to continuing to release cutting-edge on-chain games.”

Sui Gaming Rollout

From May 15th, Mysten’s partners will publish games weekly for its teeming users. Next week, games slated to debut on the Sui blockchain include Arrivant: Project Eluune, Orange Comet: Final Stardust, and Talofa: Run Legends.

The week after May 15th-21st, partners will launch more games. Launches will include Aether Games: Cards of Ethernity, Worlds Beyond, and Lucky Kat: Cosmocadia. Further gaming launches would occur in the following weeks until June 11th, when Sui closes out its staple with Orange Comet: The Walking Dead. Reports explain the company concludes with the Orange Comet offering because it is the most prominent entertainment brand supporting Sui.

So far, Sui has secured deals from more than 30 gaming companies. As a next-gen platform, the Mysten protocol provides experienced game developers with the platform to enable more profound player engagement. In addition, the Layer 1 blockchain also boasts a seamless user experience due to its scalable, swift, and sound infrastructure.

Many of Sui’s partners showed confidence in the network’s abilities and described the Sui Chain as the gaming future.

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