NAOS Finance Completes New Funding Round Raising $5.1M

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NAOS Finance Completes New Funding Round Raising $5.1M
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NAOS Finance is an interoperable marketplace for loans supported by offline income streams.

NAOS Finance has gained traction towards the realization of its goal of fully automating tokenization and increasing access to tangible assets on on-chain liquidity. This became clear after an announcement by the NAOS official website that the institution has raised $5.1M in its latest funding.

Through this funding, the DeFi project will be able to “build a real-world asset-based infrastructure for the DeFi ecosystem to innovate on.”

Barely a month ago, NAOS Finance announced the completion of its seed funding phase, which saw participation from Mechanism Capital, The Spartan Group, SNZ, Youbi Capital, Incuba Alpha, Sora Ventures among others.

Attributed to the latest huge funding recorded for the actualization of the proposed real-world asset-based infrastructure are corporate institutional investors such as The Spartan Group, Lemniscap, CMS, Huobi DeFi Labs, Hashkey, Maven 11, Genesis Block Ventures, Incuba Alpha, DeFi Alliance, Collider Ventures Okex Blockdream Ventures, Morningstar Ventures Youbi Capital, GBIC, PrimeBlock Ventures, Primitive Ventures, GenBlock, AU21 Capital, Hash Global, hot labs and angel investors Richard Ma (CEO of Quantstamp) and Xinjun Liang (Co-Founder of Fosun Group).

NAOS Finance is an interoperable marketplace for loans supported by offline income streams. Purposely to bridge the global credit-gap, and allow lenders and borrowers to interact smoothly through blockchain technology, which is also accessible for SMEs. The platform is able to do this through “a global community of lenders that will instantaneously assess the risk of assets and the capital requirements will be fulfilled by lenders who understand the risk/return profile. In addition, lenders will be equipped with comprehensive analytical tools and complete sets of verifiable on-chain data to make informed investment decisions. Smart contracts will automate the entire funding and settlement process, fully emulating existing banking services at no additional cost or the need to be overcollateralized.”

Also, NAOS has come to tackle the inefficiencies in traditional finance by decentralizing the whole process. Unlike other DeFi, NAOS finance is making itself usable in the real world.

Kevin Tseng, the CEO Of the project during the last funding round had said “The potential of crypto to reshape the economy is almost unlimited, but it depends on our bringing a much broader swathe of the financial universe into decentralized ecosystems.” He went on to add that “NAOS can be a building block for a future in which all finance is decentralized and accessible — one in which DeFi isn’t just for a small number of technically savvy insiders.”

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