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Nauticus Exchange Announces ‘Bonus Sale’

May 8th, 2018 at 9:51 pm UTC · 3 min read

CEO Bryan Ng and COO Jonathan Chang have been on a world tour over the past fortnight, meeting new backers and setting up strategic partnerships in Hong Kong, China and Italy.

Ng said the sheer volume of interest, and the potential expansion of the project’s scope, means that raising additional capital will benefit the entire community.

The Nauticus ICO has been a big success and has raised $14.8 million USD during one of the biggest crypto market crashes in years. The ICO has almost doubled the softcap and equalled the funds raised in the Binance ICO last year.

But Nauticus has much grander ambitions—including offering 100 crypto and seven fiat currencies, the construction of a green blockchain mine, and expanding to encompass eCommerce, a merchant payment system, KYC service, and an ICO gateway.

“We have raised more than $4 million during our whirlwind world tour but, more importantly, we have forged new partnerships that could advance the project by an entire year,”

said Ng, from Rome, Italy.

“We are offering the bonus sale to give the project the best possible chance of success and capitalise on the incredible opportunities that emerged during our trip.”

New developments

  • Nauticus has signed a memorandum of understanding for a strategic alliance with Jufuchain/Badou Mall, a blockchain-based Chinese eCommerce platform. Nauticus will assist with the platform’s technological development and efforts to expand globally.
  • Nauticus has reached an in-principle agreement to collaborate with Galaxy eSolutions, an eCommerce platform in Hong Kong that trades refurbished consumer technology. Galaxy is projected to turnover $120 million USD in sales this year and recently hit its ICO hardcap of 20,000 ETH. Nauticus will assist the blockchain platform to reach new international markets.
  • Nauticus has engaged a large Chinese manufacturer to conduct research and development to improve the efficiency of energy intensive blockchain mining machines. “Even a five percent improvement will dramatically cut the power required and help the environment,” Ng explained.
  • Development work on the exchange is expected to be complete by July 31. After extensive system and security testing Nauticus Exchange will open in August.

“We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on,”

– said Ng.

Bonus Sale May 19 to July 18

The bonus sale has been structured to reward loyal members of the Nauticus Community, while also providing an incentive for new supporters to buy Nauticus Coins.

Early supporters will receive the same bonus they got for their initial purchase of NTS, until July 18.

So if you bought NTS in the ICO presale, you’ll receive a 30 percent bonus for any new purchase during the entire bonus sale period.

If you bought during stage one, you’ll get 25 percent, and so on.

New buyers receive a 5 percent bonus, and can access an extra 5 percent for bulk purchases.

If you originally bought NTS during

  • Pre-sale March 18-30 you will receive a 30 percent bonus throughout the bonus sale
  • Stage 1 March 31 to April 7 you will receive a 20 percent bonus throughout the bonus sale
  • Stage 2 April 8 to April 14 you will receive a 15 percent bonus throughout the bonus sale
  • Stage 3 April 15 to April 21 you will receive a 10 percent bonus throughout the bonus sale
  • Stage 4 April 22 to July 18 you will receive a 5 percent bonus throughout the bonus sale

New purchasers will receive a 5 percent bonus during the bonus sale


  • Purchases greater than 100,000 NTS receive a 2 percent additional bonus
  • Purchases greater than 250,000 NTS receive a 5 percent additional bonus



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