NBA Stars Partner with Space Runners to Launch Digital Fashion NFTs

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NBA Stars Partner with Space Runners to Launch Digital Fashion NFTs
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The upcoming sneaker NFT collection came to aid the rising fashion trend in the Metaverse.

New NFT startup on Solana Space Runners has partnered with NBA stars to launch digital fashion NFTs. NBA Champions Kyle Kuzma and Nick Young are partnering with Space Runners, which is the first NFT fashion brand for the Metaverse, to release their first sneaker NFT collection. Reports revealed that the sneaker NFT collection by the NBA stars would be available from mid-December.

Space Runners NFTs

The upcoming sneaker NFT collection came to aid the rising fashion trend in the Metaverse. The NFT wearables will be available with different traits, power, and speed. Notable, Space Runners has been making headlines in recent times, gathering attention from athletes, artists, and brands to become a fashion giant in the Metaverse. The collaboration with the NBA stars is yet the latest development news.

Additionally, Space Runners also got the attention of Meta (NASDAQ: FB), formerly Facebook. Meta has shown interest in the NFT startup for future fashion in the Metaverse. New Orleans Pelicans and Chicago Bulls star Devon Dotson are also joining Space Runners. As the startup gains more attention, several athletes, artists, and more sports teams are also joining Space Runners. All these personalities and teams are moving towards Space Runners to attend to the future of fashion in the Metaverse.

Space Runners is known as the first NFT fashion brand for the Metaverse. The startup onboard artists and athletes, allowing them to interact and express their creative ideas via NFT apparel. Owners of Space Runners NFTs can also interact with their favorite artists and athletes. They can get invitations to backstage, exclusive events, access to special seats in basketball games, and more benefits.

Unlike other traditional NFTs, Space Runners stand out as a unique startup and has explored the Metaverse. The NFT startup on Solana has developed a Metaverse prototype where its Fashion NFTs could be directly played and plugged. On the other hand, existing fashion brands are are just beginning to test the waters n the digital space.

AR Feature

More interestingly, Space Runners has an embedded Augmented Reality (AR) feature. The AR feature allows the NFT owners to “try on” their sneaker NFT through AR. This way, owners can share these special moments on their social media platforms. Space Runners specifically focuses on combining Fashion collections, sports, and gameplay into a lifestyle in the Metaverse. Owners of Space Runners NFT seem to participate in different space events. The different events include Virtual Fashion Week, Metaverse Running Marathon, signature events within the Metaverse, and more.

As the NFT craze continues, Pepsi also unveiled its first-ever series of NFTs in its Pepsi Mic Drop genesis NFT collection. The Pepsi non-fungible tokens were inspired by the carbonated soft drinks’ flavors. These flavors include classic blue Pepsi, silver Diet Pepsi, Crystal Pepsi, black Pepsi Zero Sugar, and red Pepsi Wild Cherry.

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