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Nebulas Encourages Developers to Build DApps on Its Mainnet

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Nebulas Encourages Developers to Build DApps on Its Mainnet
Photo: Nebulas

Next generation public blockchain Nebulas invites developers from all over the world to engage in creation of continuously improving ecosystem.

Though blockchain has been actively developing over the past several years, today experts notice that technology is still far from being perfect. There is still a lot work to do to make it ideally correspondent to all current requirements of businesses and individuals.

Nebulas team decided to change the situation and to introduce their next generation public blockchain based on value incentive that is aimed at building a continuously improving ecosystem.

The main goals that Nebulas team wants to achieve are the following ones: defining rank value which is explained by the necessity of the nowadays’ blockchain community to have a standard of value to estimate that of underlying data; building positive feedback for community ecosystem as the team deeply believes that it is obligatory to create a developer-friendly positive feedback mechanism with a view to build a really powerful decentralized application ecosystem; and achieving self-evolution.

The latest point is a fundamental one. The system will be able to evolve automatically and to provide faster computing, more powerful tools and higher users’ satisfaction.

The Nebulas mainnet was launched on March 30, 2018. With a view to ensure a growth of sustainable and healthy ecosystem, Nebulas team has a task to engage more talented developers to their community and to encourage them to build more decentralized applications (DApps) of higher quality on the Nebulas mainnet.

Having a mission to provide wider audience with a chance to get some benefits from honest and fair decentralized collaboration, Nebulas has introduced Nebulas Incentive program aimed at encouraging people to help create the Nebulas blockchain.

The program has two subprograms. One of them is targeted directly at developers and the second one is targeted at a wider group of referrals.

  1. Developer Incentive. The company invites developers from all over the world to create projects on top of the Nebulas blockchain. The participants are awarded with NAS tokens.
  2. Referral Incentive. All the referrals who will manage to successfully invite developers to Nebulas platform will also get their award in NAS.

Nebulas provides developers with the easiest way of blockchain development. Practically everyone who has basic knowledge of JavaScript has an opportunity to develop his or her first DApp on Nebulas platform. And the team really believes that everyone can contribute to the growth of blockchain in general and their ecosystem in particular.

The Incentive program started on May 6 and it will last till July 1, with the first participants have already received their prizes.

Those who want to participate need to submit a DApp. If the uploaded DApp meets all the requirements (it means that it has an interface, it can be run and it has been developed without infringement of somebody’s property rights), the developer will get a 100% award.

Moreover, all the participants of Referral Incentive program will get a reward each time the referred developer successfully builds an application on Nebulas.

The total prize pool is 460 000 NAS. According to CoinMarket Cap, NAS is traded at $6.29 at press time, which means that the prize pool is equivalent to $2.89 million.

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