New Crypto News Aggregator Developed by Alexiuz

Place/Date: - August 8th, 2022 at 12:46 pm UTC · 1 min read
Source: Alexiuz

New Crypto News Aggregator Developed by Alexiuz

The web development company, Alexiuz, has just released Crypto Headline Aggregator into beta.

This is a slightly different news aggregator than what already exists. It allows for quickly staying on top of the latest news in the space by aggregating just headlines and filtering them by what specific cryptocurrencies, crypto personalities, crypto entities, etc. that are mentioned.

One of the menus on the website shows the hottest topics ranked by how much press that topic has gotten in the latest 24 hours and 7 days. So these lists will always be up to date with the latest in the crypto space for topics including Web3, Gaming, NFTs, Hacks & Theft, Regulation, and much more.

Most of the big crypto news sources are included, and more are planned to be added going forward.

The website is currently in beta, and feedback is appreciated. Alexiuz has created Twitter and Discord for connecting with the users of the website.

The company, Alexiuz, is a small Norwegian-based web company that has been developing websites for a few years now. They plan on launching more crypto-related websites in the coming months and years.

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