Voise Announces Official Partnership with Crypto-Marketing Firm Bitcoin PR Buzz

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Voise Announces Official Partnership with Crypto-Marketing Firm Bitcoin PR Buzz
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Voise, a blockchain-based solution for the music industry, has officially announced its collaboration with one of the biggest Blockchain PR companies – Bitcoin PR Buzz.

Blockchain startup Voise has recently signed a contract with Bitcoin PR Buzz as the official beginning of a strategic partnership between the two companies. This marks a significant event for Voise, as Bitcoin PR Buzz is considered to be one of the biggest Blockchain PR companies.

The partnership will give Voise guaranteed news coverage on popular web-sites, such as Coinspeaker, CryptoCoinsNews, The Merkle, CoinIdol, and even some more far reaching sites, such as Nasdaq and Yahoo Finance.

With these benefits, Voise will very likely attract more attention to its project. This is especially possible when you take into account Bitcoin PR Buzz, which also specializes in marketing guidance, offering ways to increase Google rankings and boost the site’s SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a classic online marketing technique that focuses on increasing the “online visibility” of a website by maximizing their views without having to pay for sponsored content.

As Ivan Rossetti, CEO and Founder of Voise, has commented on the partnership, saying that Bitcoin PR Buzz will likely become an integral part of their marketing strategy moving forward:

“We are proud to partner with Bitcoin PR Buzz. Their know-how and professionalism will showcase our 100%-fair distribution model and blockchain music platform to a pivotal global audience.”

Voise is a blockchain-based solution for the music industry that intends to help artists bypass normal intermediaries in the industry, such as iTunes, Spotify, and others like them charging fees for delivering their content.

This could become a big deal for most artists, as a huge proportion of their revenues often goes to these online platforms. In some cases it can be as much as 15 to 40 percent of the artist’s earnings. In addition, it could also free them from normal artistic restrictions made by record labels, which represent themselves as necessary intermediaries.

The Bitcoin PR Buzz team had some positive things to say about Voise, calling it a “top tier blockchain project”:

“Here at Bitcoin PR Buzz we are excited to start this official partnership with Voise. Having observed Voise and analysing their roadmap, we believe that Voise offers a blockchain based solution to the music industry like no other. It is because of this, we consider Voise a top tier blockchain project and are proud to offer our continued support in the coming year.”

With Voise, artists will be able to publish their work without any need to pay a middleman for its distribution to listeners. This is because Voise is a decentralized, blockchain-driven platform allowing for permissionless creation.

Hence, musicians will be able to keep 100% of the revenue that they create with their music. Peer-to-peer music sharing is now possible due to the same tech that produced Bitcoin, which itself is a peer-to-peer tool for payments.

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