Next Generation Blockchain-based Financial Platform Set to Launch ICO

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Next Generation Blockchain-based Financial Platform Set to Launch ICO
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A decentralized trading platform that will extend even past cryptocurrencies.

So much has already been said about the problematic practices within the global trading system. In the wake of the financial crisis about a decade ago, regulators promised reform that would avert a similar turn of events. Unfortunately, the banks have gotten bigger and badder since the 2008 crisis and their operations have gotten more opaque.

By now we know that the emerging decentralized ledger technology lends itself quite well to solving some of the intrinsic issues with financial institutions. While this technology has thus far been limited to the crypto-world,’s highly experienced team plans to go beyond that. in a Nutshell is an exchange platform that harnesses the benefits of blockchain technology like transparency, ironclad security and low fees to enhance trading. This platform comes with several unique features like its advanced base network, asset-based token and its profit-sharing model.

The peer-to-peer exchange platform is based on the Raiden network and the Ethereum mainnet. This basically means that is using an advanced network that will be delivering about one mln transactions per second, eliminating the commonly-faced bottleneck problem within the crypto-world.

The utility coin Trade Token is the mode of transaction on the exchange, is designed to be the first and potentially only cryptocurrency that has real-world value. In other words, companies will have to match their Trade Tokens on the exchange with real-world assets.

Wallet holders can choose to partake in the Liquidity Pool, which is essentially a large pot of money that would yield daily pay-outs and amount to significant annual profits. There are a number of revenue streams that will pour into the Liquidity Pool including spreads, commissions, interests on P2P loans, etc. Participants are promised 50 percent of total profits generated and they can contribute fiat, cryptocurrencies or Trade Token towards the Pool.

Bringing blockchain to the traditional trading and assets

There are countless exchanges out there that are focusing on trading cryptocurrencies. Realizing the potential of Blockchain technology, the team has plans to expand to the wider trading ecosystem. Eventually, Forex and CFDs over more traditional stocks and assets will be traded on In fact, there are 120 products offered on the exchange at launch.

What is more interesting is’s approach to integrating traditional assets and the transferring their value. Through a series of verifications points and smart contract agreements, traditional assets are tokenized on An asset is held and the user is granted its value in tokens on the exchange. The process is completely transparent, as it is performed on the Raiden network and the Ethereum mainnet.


The team has already surpassed their initial goal and is steadfastly moving beyond their current amount raised of $8 mln in the Pre-ICO period. The ICO is set to launch on the 7th of this month and lasts until the Jan. 4, 2018. The platform will be launching during April of next year and the IPO will take place the following December. Along the way, the team is fully committed to complying with regulations and getting all the required licenses. stands out due to the innovative trading tools offered by a highly qualified team of the FXPRIMUS financiers and developers.

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