Night Life Crypto: Rebuilding Blockchain Gaming with DeFi

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Night Life Crypto: Rebuilding Blockchain Gaming with DeFi
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Night Life Crypto has two major aspects: its gaming and the DeFi parts. Users can purchase the protocol’s native token NLIFE on PancakeSwap and provide liquidity for the NLIFE/BNB pair.

Night Life Crypto, an emerging tech startup is aiming to rebuild the blockchain gaming industry with products backed by decentralized finance (DeFi). The current outlook of the gaming world is such that will continually breed distrust amongst enthusiasts, as the industry matures. One of the key flaws of the current system in the gaming world is the management of in-game assets. With a growing economy around these assets, there remains little or no way that gamers can verify the scarcity of their assets.

Night Life Crypto posits that the time is right for full accountability to the gamer, and is leveraging blockchain technology to correct the flaws of the mainstream gaming world while boosting the existing offerings from blockchain-backed gaming providers. Amongst the benefits blockchain technology will offer the gaming world is to create a trustless environment that facilitates immutable transactions between two strangers over the internet.

Blockchain technology also makes it visible to users that the underlying technology is not manipulative as results are registered and monitored via the secure system.

Night Life Crypto and Its Solutions in the Blockchain Gaming Sphere

Night Life Crypto will offer a gaming opportunity that is backed with adequate security, usability, user data protection, non-custodial wallet services, and cheap transactions for all of its value offerings.

Night Life Crypto solves the problem of transparency and trust through the Random Number Generator which provides the background for verifying the results of every result from the gaming activities. As a platform built atop the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, the platform is secure. This is further boosted as users can enable on-chain 2FA for additional protection.

Besides the BSC network that is dedicated to power its crypto token ecosystem, Night Life Crypto also utilizes the Turtle Network (TN) for its gaming platform. Amongst other benefits, users can enjoy the speed of the Turtle Network, and in all, user’s wallets are non-custodial, meaning their assets are now held by the platform, giving them complete control.

Night Life Crypto in Action

Night Life Crypto has two major aspects: its gaming and the DeFi parts respectively. Users can purchase the protocol’s native token NLIFE on PancakeSwap and provide liquidity for the NLIFE/BNB pair. Users who choose this offering will take a share of the 2.5% LP fee paid from using the pair. Of the 2.5% paid out, 1.5% is allocated for the liquidity providers, while 1% is used for future project development services.

Now to the gaming part, the protocol has a number of unique games with functionalities to enhance the user’s experience. Among the popular games, the company has in store include Arcade games, designed to surpass the level of any other in the space. The unique games include Night Life Drifting, Deck Building Trading Card game (name TBD), and a host of others that will not just be duplication with minor touches as seen in other platforms. These games will have integrated NFTs, with real use cases and are billed to be tradable.

Each game produced will have 5-star achievements that are attainable based on their difficulty levels. The Night Life Crypto team will unveil tournaments every quarter for some of its games to maintain a vibrant ecosystem. Each tournament will come with rewards.

Other Top Highlights of the Project

The project is designed by Night Life Ltd, a gaming firm that has the backing of top industry partners include but not limited to DRAETH, the Project Advisor, and KGB Concepts, the project Partner with expertise in cybersecurity Infrastructure.

Holders of the native digital asset can rest in the project’s designed tokenomics atop a maximum token supply of 3,425,000 NLIFE

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