Nike’s RTFKT Announces Plans for Web 3.0 Sneakers

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Nike’s RTFKT Announces Plans for Web 3.0 Sneakers
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The Cryptokicks iRL would have gesture controls, walk detection, and wireless charging features.

Digital collectibles firm RTFKT has unveiled its web 3.0 sneakers. The web 3.0 company collaborated with its parent company Nike to launch a futuristic footwear line Cryptokicks. So far, the company has named two new brands, the Cryptokicks Dunk Genesis and the Cryptokicks iRL. However, it is the Cryptokicks iRL that is causing all the buzz in the NFT community.

While speaking during The Gateway panel, RTFKT co-founders Steven Vasilev and Chris Le noted the sneakers would have accelerometers, auto-lacing, and lighting.

“They have anything you can imagine a shoe can have in terms of haptics and vibration,” Vasilev noted. According to the company website, the web3 sneakers combine decades of Nike technology with RTFKT’s vision of a phydigital world. Thus, the sneakers will be tools to merge both worlds, according to Vasilev.

What to Expect with the Cryptokicks iRL Web 3.0 Sneakers by RTFKT

According to the company, the Cryptokicks iRL would have gesture controls, walk detection, and wireless charging features. Also, they would have WM NFC links and the AI/ML algorithm. The company also noted that the sneakers may have a move-to-earn system, mimicking the Solana-based game Stepn. Recall that in the Stepn gameplay, gamers earn rewards for walking or running.

The web3 sneakers will be available for private minting to Lace Engine digital collectible holders from December 12. Other members of the public who register and qualify for the public draw will be able to buy from December 14.

However, the drop was only available to users in the US RTFKT explained that the drop was limited to the US because of location-specific product regulations on advanced tech.

Adapting to the Community

After announcing that the drop is limited to US shipping addresses, the RTFKT team faced an outraged community. However, the team responded quickly, incorporating the audience’s feedback and seemed to come up with a temporary solution.

The team announced plans to pilot the RTFKT interdimensional HUB service at the Forging Event. During the Forging Event, Lace Engine collectible holders without a US shipping address will be able to mint a Hubbed Cryptokicks iRL. The Hubbed NFTs can be sold on secondary marketplaces till May 1. After, holders will need to get a US shipping address.

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