Odyssey Collaborates with OBike to Modernize Sharing Economy with Blockchain

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Odyssey Collaborates with OBike to Modernize Sharing Economy with Blockchain
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Singapore blockchain-based start-up Odyssey has announced its successful partnership with the oBike Global Bike Sharing Platform.

According to the official press-release, blockchain-based mobile payments solution, Odyssey, is making another step forward completing its digital asset mobile payment solution, Odyssey Wallet integration with oBike, the leading Global Bike-Sharing Platform.

Founded in Singapore, Odyssey represents itself a digital asset mobile payment solution offering an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, poised to empower a global P2P ecosystem that will set the foundation for a future, decentralized sharing system.

Due to the recent partnership with oBike, the company has become the first ever digital asset integrated into the future decentralized sharing economy. Morover, the collaboration enables oBike to pilot the use of Odyssey’s first ever social credit and reward-based Protocol, OCN, paving the way for its same name utility token to become the currency for settling all exchanges in the marketplace.

Sophie Guan, the Project Lead of Odyssey, has expressed her delight to announce the completion of Odyssey Wallet integration into oBike’s systems, underlying the pleasure of the whole team as well:

“We are happy to announce the completion of Odyssey Wallet integration into oBike’s systems. Odyssey looks to simplify payment solutions, build a revolutionary sharing economy system and we are excited to deliver this starting from this program. It is the 1st step towards the project mission to build a universal credit/trust-based protocol and blockchain technical solutions to enhance the marketplace efficiency, which will bring the sharing economy market to the next level.”

According to Edward Chen, the Co-founder and CMO of oBike, the company is always in search of new ways to improve its bike sharing offering and payments solutions. In this context, oBike’s partnership with Odyssey is a perfect chance to launch this mobile payment integration program.

According to the team’s vision, only total transparency inherent to Blockchain can solve the issues related to the current state of economy. The blockchain-based exchange ecosystem that excludes the role of third parties is the foundation of a next-generation decentralized marketplace, that is aimed to increase the industry efficiency by offering high level of transparency and strong security system.

As James Lawrence, the Odyssey’s Director of North American Community Management Department, has stated:

“It is Odyssey’s mission to lower costs and increase trust in the decentralized sharing economy and it is through world class partnerships with teams like oBike, who understand the benefits of digital assets and are serious about using OCN to lower payment costs and times, that we can deliver on this. We look forward to collaborating with oBike during this program. We strongly believe that the transparency and accountability of Blockchain technology will continue to positively shape world and businesses alike.”

Seeing its main goal in putting a decentralized sharing economy in the hands of its users, Odyssey will continue to look for further integration opportunities with the possible partners.

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