Official Dates For ImmVRse’s Pre-ICO Announced

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Official Dates For ImmVRse’s Pre-ICO Announced
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ImmVRse, a decentralized digital VR content sharing platform has revealed the official dates of its upcoming pre-ICO, which is set on mid June.

Blockchain VR platform ImmVRse has recently announced the official dates of its pre-ICO. The sale will be held from June 19 to June 22, 2018. ImmVRse has collaborated with TokenGet to provide a safe and secure platform for the token sale.

All operations within the network are conducted with the platform’s native ImmVRse tokens. Brands must purchase the token to pay content creators to make VR media, and in turn creators receive payments with the native currency.

Users will be able to get acquainted to the team members behind the project through a new Youtube series released by ImmVRse, called “The Really Early Show”. Content can be viewed on their YouTube channel, with more content soon to come.

ImmVRse is also expected to hold a few live streams on Youtube and Facebook in the upcoming months. Livestreams are an excellent opportunity for supporters or potential users to ask about any pressing matters that concern them.

IMV’s are also used by advertisers wishing to create ad campaigns on the platform. Users who view, comment, and share VR content can also earn small rewards of ImmVRse tokens.

TokenGet is a token sale turnkey solution provider, which gives businesses a wide range of tools for managing their sales. Users benefit through a secure platform that also provides a pleasant, user friendly experience.

TokenSale has been the platform of choice for token sales like Peculium, a blockchain savings platform that raised $7,000,000. Tokia, a cryptocurrency investment startup, also chose TokenSale as their platform and raised $20,000,000.

ImmVRse will be able to cater to participants wishing to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, DASH, and many other currency options thanks to TokenGet. Bitcoin and USD payment methods were supported due to an increase number of requests, and made possible thanks to TokenGet.

Safety of contributors funds has always been a priority for ImmVRse, even before partnering with TokenGet. The VR project employs the expertise of Entersoft, a group of ethical white hat cybersecurity specialists that continually monitor both the website and Telegram channel for any potential threats.

The AR and VR markets are currently estimated at $17.8 billion, but this number is expected to blow up to $215 billion by 2021. ImmVRse hopes to capture a large amount of this anticipated growth through their revolutionary and decentralized VR platform.

The VR industry has a lot of impact potential in various other industries like tourism, healthcare, and education. Numerous problems like slow growth, revenue generation, and the current payment model plague VR in its current state, however.

ImmVRse token and its ecosystem hope to fix all of this, as tokens will reduce transaction fees associated with paying creators, and a decentralized platform for both viewers and content makers to observe accelerated growth.

Those interested in participating in the PRE-ICO must register for the whitelist.

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