One More Congressional Candidate to Accept Bitcoin in California

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One More Congressional Candidate to Accept Bitcoin in California
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Christina Gagnier, a technology lawyer and business owner from Chino California, and the latest congressional candidate to accept donations in bitcoin.

Christina Gagnier, is not only a technology lawyer and a business owner but also she is a democrat representing  California’s 35th Congressional District. According to the latest news, she became one more US congressional candidate to accept donations in bitcoins.

California’s 35th congressional district is a congressional district in the US, it contains of Chino, Ontario, Pomona, Montclair, Fontana, Rialto and Bloomington. It is part of the Inland Empire region of the state and locates within both Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.

Gagnier mentioned that some of her constituents had asked her about the acceptance of bitcoin donations. As soon as the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) issued guidance, she embraced the idea. Moreover, she made a partnership with Coinbase to start an initiative.

In her interview with CoinDesk she said:

“My campaign is particularly focused on meeting voters where they are at, whether that’s showing up on their doorstep to see how I can help or accepting a currency like bitcoin as a way to engage someone in the campaign.”

Gagnier pointed out that those politicians that had positive experiences with digital currencies should help them to become more common to use. Additionalluy, she added, Congress is in need of representatives who would bring technological intelligibility to the country’s regulators.

“Technology impacts and will impact every single industry,” Gagnier said. “Having a Congress comprised of individuals from a variety of the backgrounds is the way that we get regulation that makes sense and is practical for various industries.”

Gagnier is he CEO and founder of JobScout, an online platform where job seekers can learn useful skills that would help in finding a new job. She is also a shareholder os a technology-focused firm Gagnier Margossian LLP.

Gagnier specified:

“When each state has their own set of laws dealing with money transmission and now some states seek to independently regulate bitcoin, it can be really confusing to someone who wants to accept or transact with bitcoin. Some federal guidance and a cohesive legal framework would be extremely helpful.”

So far Gagnier is one among a small group of US congressional candidates that have publicly embraced digital currency, and one of a handful accepting donations in bitcoin.

BitPay recently announced that it entered a few new partnerships. The payments processor partnered with CoinVox, a firm that provides bitcoin contribution solutions to politicians, as well as NGP VAN and Targeted Victory, who help with political campaigns.

The main focus of Gagnier’s campaign is innovation and new ideas to urge economic growth in her district.

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