OpenBlock Uses Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Trading

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
OpenBlock Uses Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Trading
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Trading bot OBi brings cryptocurrency trading to the next level: it works 24 hours a day to ride the overall trends and maximize the returns.

Cryptocurrency trading is an extremely controversial topic. The lucky ones who managed to make a fortune say that high volatility and variety of coins provides dozens of opportunities to make money. Those who failed see the same characteristics as a reason to stay away from the market. Nevertheless, there is one point that unites both supporters and opponents of cryptocurrency trading: it is extremely complicated. The solution of this problem comes from the sphere of artificial intelligence.

OpenBlock is a company that has significantly simplified the cryptocurrency trading by creating a trading bot OBi. This project perfectly combines the potential of artificial intelligence and the keen interest in cryptocurrencies.

Becoming a professional trader is a hard work – and that relates not only to the traditional markets, but the cryptocurrencies. This market has a number of specific problems which make trading even more complicated. New cryptocurrencies appear every day – and predicting which one will become the Bitcoin of the future is a tough business. At the moment CoinMarketCap lists over 1500 different coins and tokens. Hundreds of different opportunities definitely do not make cryptocurrency trading easier.

The other problem lots of traders face is the oversupply of information combined with its low quality. The Internet is the best source of the crypto news – but most of the data is nowhere near being credible. That factor prevents lots of traders from considering cryptocurrencies which are just gaining popularity.

The cryptocurrencies are traded all over the world 24 hours a day. As well as high volatility of the market, this factor may be treated in different ways. But it is hard to deny that all in all cryptocurrency trading involves lots of risks and requires not only hard work but good luck. There has to be a more efficient way of cryptocurrency trading – actually, it already exists.

OBi is a trading bot which uses all the advantages of artificial intelligence. It works 24 hours a day to provide the OpenBlock users with the best deals possible. This bot follows a number of predetermined rules and makes all decisions on the basis of the comprehensive analysis not emotions or rumors.

The OpenBlock platform has spent over two years developing OBi. The efforts have resulted in a game changing trading bot. OBi is working with over 20 cryptocurrency pairs and can trade up to 1200 round trips daily. The algorithm allows the users of the platform to make great returns. OpenBlock is not trying to hide the process of trading – the platform is extremely transparent. The very special feature of OpenBlock is the active burning community which helps token holders to control the supply of cryptocurrencies.

At the moment OpenBlock is in the process of Pre-Sale: it started on the 28th of February. The initial price was set to $0.50, during the ongoing second round of the pre-sale it is $0.65 and will grow to $0.70 during ICO pre-sale 3 which is to start on the 21st of March. The main period of the ICO is scheduled for the 3rd of April and will last for one month.

Cryptocurrency trading may be a challenging business or just a money-making hobby. But the OBi trading bot definitely makes it much simpler, safe and effective. The potential of artificial intelligence in the sphere of the cryptocurrency trading just starts unleashing – but it can already benefit lots of people thanks to the OpenBlock platform.

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