Opporty to Solve Real-World Problems of Small Businesses

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Opporty to Solve Real-World Problems of Small Businesses
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Opporty caters to small and medium businesses that suffer competition from established brands and corporations. Its goal is to assist small businesses in becoming more competitive by means of technology.

Opporty and its team of blockchain enthusiasts have introduced a solution that promises to remedy the daily challenges that hamper the development of small- and mid-sized businesses. Under conditions of stiff competition and in a business environment where trust and certainty are rare assets, businesses of smaller scope are forced to look for ways to deal with their problems and stay afloat.

Being aware of the challenges companies face every day, Opporty has developed solutions to help businesses not only survive and grow, but to drive sales and realize profit. The solution is a decentralized digital business platform with a marketplace run on Ethereum blockchain. Opporty enables businesses to efficiently showcase itself and to establish secure relationships between bargaining parties.

A major developmental obstacle faced by small- and mid-sized companies in their early days is a lack of exposure and the inability to efficiently market due to limited budgets. A workable marketing strategy incurs expenses that shut out companies whose businesses have not yet begun to pay off.

Opporty is a fully-operational service-oriented for the leading generations supported by strong community of members – the enterprises, individual contractors, non-staff employees, clients, experts, etc. It creates opportunities for again created businesses for placement of the brands before wide audience of interested prospects, allowing potential clients to select the best deals.

Opporty is the  ready-to-use platform where supply and demand meet safely and effectively. The Opporty company powever by blockchain provides secure business interactions which include exchanges of the prices between the parties. Thanks to the unique technology decisions on a blockchain solutions do not leave the place for corruption and fraudulent activities, making Opporty a safe environment for businesses.

Opporty is a one-of-a-kind pioneer solution presenting the services of decentralized Escrow. Parties who sign smart contracts on Opporty are protected from low-quality performance by respected Escrow judges who are chosen and appointed by an independent community of Opporty users. Decentralization eliminates any likelihood of arbitrators siding with either contracting party, or with the Opporty platform itself.

Opporty’s revolutionary approach to addressing the pains and concerns of small- and mid-sized businesses promises to support and fuel the development of the world’s largest and most powerful enterprise segment.

The platform is popularizing the best of two technologies – on-demand and blockchain – to provide both suppliers and customers with access to limitless beneficial opportunities for cooperation. With Opporty, businesses stand a better chance of growing and strengthening their market positions under conditions of fierce competition.

The Opporty Pre-ICO will be launched on February, 1. The platform will distribute 1 billion OPP tokens in total, with 250 million OPP tokens to be offered in Phase I. OPP token is an ERC-20-standard, Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that costs 0,0002 ETH (1 ETH = 5000 OPP). An additional 50 million OPP tokens will be distributed as rewards within Opporty’s Bounty campaign.

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