PARSIQ Partners with OpenSea to Enhance User NFT Experience

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PARSIQ Partners with OpenSea to Enhance User NFT Experience

PARSIQ integrating with OpenSea means that users now get custom alert parameters for Telegram, NFT sale values, and other wallet activity.

PARSIQ has partnered with OpenSea ABI, a leading digital marketplace for crypto collectibles with over $1.5 billion in monthly volume, in a bid to continue to enhance user NFT experience. The integration between both platforms now sees users create Smart Triggers capable of monitoring their NFT collections – as well as the non-crypto digital assets themselves. In addition, this development also grants access to some other socially and commercially inclined functionality. These include custom alert parameters for Telegram, Discord, Google Sheets, or other apps through Webhooks. In addition to this, functionality also covers NFT sale values and wallet activity, including floor prices, volume, number of owners, and traits.

PARSIQ CEO Tom Tirman weighed in on the joint initiative between the two platforms. According to him:

“PARSIQ empowers our clients and users to utilise real-time blockchain activity to inform their decision making and actions. We’re pleased to expand this offering into the NFT space with this integration with the world’s largest NFT marketplace. NFTs are growing exponentially as a critical first iteration of the Metaverse where items are tokenized and people begin experiencing an extended reality beyond the physical world – we’re pleased to support this journey.”

PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform which connects on-chain and off-chain applications in real time. This subsequently provides transaction notifications for end-users. By onboarding OpenSea onto its on-chain monitoring data platform, users can customize notifications for NFT activity. This feature improves the NFT industry’s appeal. Also, the notifications, dubbed Smart Triggers, can accomplish a host of features.

PARSIQ and OpenSea Smart Trigger Setup Is User Friendly

The process required in setting up the aforementioned Smart Triggers and subsequently creating a PARSIQ-based monitoring solution is fairly straightforward. Users will have to first create a free account on the PARSIQ website where they may then proceed. Furthermore, users are privy to a dedicated tutorial page which provides an avenue for them to liaise with on-duty team members.

PARSIQ Has a Vast Pool of Existing Strategic Partnerships

PARSIQ already has strategic existing partnerships with several top-tier partners around the world. For instance, in September of 2019, the blockchain-centric platform integrated Algorand, another startup blockchain monitoring system looking to enhance its analytical functionality.

Another example is from June 2020 when PARSIQ and Dash, a prominent end-to-end payment service platform for digital currencies, forged a collaboration. Under this partnership, PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers would permit Dash transaction notifications in real time. Later on, that same year, PARSIQ also forged integrative alliances with Bitfury Crystal and AllianceBlock.

Earlier this year, PARSIQ collaborated with several platforms, including ChainLink, SuperFarm, Polkadot, Injective, and PAID Network.

PARSIQ secured the Technology Partner status as a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) back in October. The APN is the global partner program for tech giant Amazon’s AWS. This suggests that PARSIQ now has a wider audience reach, and can also forge impactful connections. Furthermore, it is expected that more than 1 million active AWS users will benefit from PARSIQ. These users will benefit from features such as data monitoring and smart trigger services.

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