How to Participate in CoinPulse’s 20 Million CPEX Token Giveaway

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How to Participate in CoinPulse’s 20 Million CPEX Token Giveaway
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Being built on the foundation of community support, Coinpulse Exchange will be giving away 200 free CPEX Tokens to everyone who signs up on its new innovative crypto-currency exchange.

Once you have decided to invest into crypto assets, you have to deal with cryptocurrency exchanges. Nowadays cryptocurrency exchanges charge an average of 0.2% trading fees for both makers and takers. This is nothing new as the network needs be incentivized to verify all the transactions occurring on the blockchain, and you as a user are paying for that.

However, this has a significant impact on users’ commitment, as the exchange fee becomes a big factor in affecting their profitability that eventually may stop them from day-to-day trading in cryptocurrencies.

Since the initial distribution of tokens, CoinPulse Exchange aims to build a loyal community by offering free tokens, deep discounts, and referral commissions, and continuing to work towards improving the overall user experience.

Adhered to claimed mission CoinPulse Exchange has recently announced the giveaway of 20 million CPEX tokens that will be distributed amidst early signups. According to the platform statement, those who register before all 20 million tokens have been claimed will receive 200 free CPEX tokens into their account as soon as they complete at least one trade on the platform.

Why you should Participate in the Token Giveaway

One of the foremost reasons for participating in the 20 million CPEX token distribution is the token itself. The CoinPulse token is an ERC20 token, which will have a market of its own, along with trading tokens paired against it in the CoinPulse platform. It is conceived as useful utility token since its holders can redeem a 70% discount for all transaction fees when using platform. This feature has been introduced in consideration of the fact that CoinPulse aims to be the world’s first exchange platform founded on collective community trust and support.

Co-founder of CoinPulse, Chez Darji commented on the platform mission:

“Our goal is to create an exchange platform that prioritizes the needs and demands of its community. As such, CoinPulse will provide traders with the means and opportunity to reduce their trading fees to a mere 0.06%, thus maximizing their profits.”

Furthermore, in addition to the 200 free CPEX tokens, those who are in possession of EBCH tokens, the current token native to CoinPulse Exchange featured in the list of top tokens on, will receive a further 100 CPEX tokens as a part of the giveaway once the platform is launched. As such, it could be profitable for users to purchase EBCH tokens before registering with the platform in order to enjoy the extra 100 CPEX token windfall. Additionally, one of the EBCH token holders registered on will be randomly selected to receive 100,000 CPEX tokens.

Another lucrative feature proving the platform’s devotion to community is the referral program, according to which users stand to make a 30% commission on all the fees generated from their referrals. The CoinPulse exchange will also feature a Voting page where every month, users will be able to vote for their favored tokens. The results of the poll will be used as a guideline for CoinPulse to determine which tokens and coins have enough interest to be introduced onto the platform.

How to Participate in the Giveaway

Users need to visit CoinPulse Exchange official website and click on the “Register” button to start the sign-up process. Notably that out of a total supply of 100 million tokens, only 20 million will be made available for the giveaway.

After the registration process is complete, users need to click on the “Click Here” link in the homepage to be directed to a Google form. The form lists all of the terms and conditions of the giveaway. There are three main conditions for the participation:

  1. Users in possession of EBCH tokens will receive 300 free CPEX tokens,
  2. Users not in possession of EBCH tokens will receive 200 CPEX tokens.
  3. Tokens will be distributed on or after the 1st of July 2018 once the participants have completed at least one trade on the new platform.

Those interested in receiving the 300 CPEX tokens can first purchase EBCH tokens listed on platforms such as ForkDeltaEtherDelta or Stocks.Exchange. Once CoinPulse is launched, the EBCH tokens can easily be swapped for CPEX tokens at the ratio of 1:3. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that CoinPulse does not intend to hold an ICO for its CPEX tokens. As such, one can only acquire these tokens by signing up to the CoinPulse platform or by converting their purchased EBCH tokens into CPEX tokens.

Signing up for the 20 million token giveaway is not only a simple process, it is also a potentially profitable process for both the long and short term, with the associated huge reductions in transaction fees on the CoinPulse Exchange.

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