Patricia Technologies: Appraising Africa’s Leading Digital Products Trading Platform

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Patricia Technologies: Appraising Africa’s Leading Digital Products Trading Platform
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Patricia Technologies is one of Nigeria’s foremost digital asset trading platforms. With a luxury debit card offering among other options, the company creates unique trading experiences for its many customers.

There are emerging Bitcoin and digital assets trading platforms in Africa. While the growth in these outfits in recent years is commendable, the emergence of Patricia Technologies Limited is taking the positive narrative to a whole new level. As a homegrown digital asset trading platform, Patricia Technologies Limited has grown to present a brand that gives a beacon of trust and hopes that Nigeria is not behind in today’s digital revolution.

The idea to start Patricia was conceived by Fejiro Hanu Agbodje after he got ripped off trying to trade a gift card. The company was then set up as a platform to trade unused Amazon, iTunes, Google Play gift cards. Soon after, Patricia expanded its operations from Gift card trading to become the Mecca of all things Crypto and Digital Assets trading

Patricia Technologies has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, with Presence in Ghana, Dubai, United Kingdom and United States. Although Founded in 2017, Patricia is considered one of the biggest platforms in Africa. The firm’s Obsession over user experience has helped to ensure a great integration of cutting edge functionalities that are driving the adoption of Bitcoin in Africa.

Patricia Platform Leads Its Peer in Cutting Edge Innovations

The establishment of Patricia comes with a promise to bring unique products and services to the platform’s customers. The fintech startup has adhered to the promised and boasts of advanced tech features to prove this.

The company has arguably the most secure cryptocurrency wallet of the country’s homegrown trading platforms. The company has also introduced a luxury Bitcoin card to customers for easier and safer transactions. Now customers can worry less about cash and make fast, safe and convenient payments from the Patricia Bitcoin Wallet from anywhere in Nigeria or around the world with the Patricia Luxury debit card using a POS or any ATM Machine.

Through the consistent desire to bring its customers the best of services, Patricia has earned massive goodwill with an impressive number of customers. Currently, more than 300,000 active customers use Patricia to meet their diverse everyday needs.

Patricia’s Core Products and Services

Through the easy to use Patricia platform, users can do the following;

  • Buy, Sell, Store, Learn and Fix Bitcoins
  • Buy and sell a wide variety of gift cards
  • Store digital assets using the platform’s secure wallet
  • Pay Bills, purchase airtime as well as data subscription, and;
  • Convert excess airtime to cash
  • A luxury Bitcoin Debit Card
  • instant Virtual cards

The unique functionalities made possible by Patricia can also help Bitcoin holders safeguard their assets from undue fluctuations by fixing them using such stablecoins as the Tether (USDT) which Patricia calls “FIX”.

Other Measures Patricia Technologies is Setting the Pace

Patricia seeks to use the cross-cultural and the existing diversity in the African society to drive its business growth. From the tribal diversity in the group’s team to the diverse range of products it’s offering, the firm is setting a pace worthy of Pan-African remodeling.

Having worked with popular music superstar Yung6ix in the past, the company also drafted about 14 homegrown entertainers to be part of its brand ambassadors.

As the world continues to favor digitized economy, Africa is gradually positioning itself to chart its own productive path in the ecosystem, and innovative companies with talented drivers such as Patricia Technologies Limited can help achieve the digital dream as we have in other developed countries

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