Polygon Creators Release Explorer PolygonScan to Fetch Accurate Blockchain Data

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Polygon Creators Release Explorer PolygonScan to Fetch Accurate Blockchain Data
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Similar to Etherscan, PolygonScan will allow its users to fetch crucial data regarding tokens, addresses, prices, and activities on the Polygon blockchain.

After the recent fundraise from tech billionaire Mark Cuban, Indian blockchain startup Polygon has accelerated its development further. On Wednesday, June 9, the Polygon creators released PolygonScan, a comprehensive blockchain explorer for the Polygon blockchain network.

Developed by the same team behind Etherscan, the PolygonScan also hinges on the popularity of this explorer. Using PolygonScan users can now explore and search the transactions on the Polygon blockchain network. Besides, users can look at additional details like tokens, addresses, prices, and other activities on the Polygon blockchain.

How PolygonScan Will Help Blockchain Community

Etherscan has proved to be the most popular explorer for the Ethereum blockchain network. It offers a complete suite of data including ERC-20 and ERC-721 token support. Besides, it also has advanced features like Gas tracker and developer APIs. Etherscan is quite popular among developers and users alike.

Now the same technology will underpin PolygonScan offering a rich environment for developers and users for interacting with the blockchain. Speaking of this development, Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic said:

“We are glad to have received the support of the Etherscan team. Their expertise in building effective and useful blockchain explorers is clearly unparalleled in the entire space. I expect PolygonScan to quickly become the most used block explorer on our growing PoS chain, completing the stack of compatible Ethereum tools.”

Uptick in Activity on Polygon Blockchain

Polygon, the Layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum has registered a strong uptick in the activity on its platform. Over the last two months, nearly 400 DApps and DeFi projects have chosen Polygon as their destination. Furthermore, Polygon’s high throughput has helped it register 4x more transactions than Ethereum.

Polygon is a suitable destination for developers as well as it fully supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This allows developers to seamlessly port their contracts. In another development, crypto exchange OKEx announced its Polygon integration on Wednesday, June 9.

OKEx said that its Polygon integration will help users get a faster and cost-effective experience while moving funds from exchanges to the Polygon PoS network. This will also allow its users to participate in Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem and interacting with other DApps.

“Users have always been a priority to us. OKEx is more than a trading platform; we are a trading partner that strives to make the crypto journey as easy and as cost-efficient as possible. As Layer-2 technology, especially a few big names in the market, matures and becomes a solution to the congestion on Ethereum, we are happy to be one of the first major crypto exchanges to take up this innovation and bring Polygon’s solution to our users,” OKEx CEO Jay Hao commented.

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