Gain Quick 10X Returns with Tron (TRX), Logarithmic Finance (LOG), and Chainlink (LINK)

Place/Date: - May 4th, 2022 at 3:16 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: Logarithmic Finance

You can gain a quick 10X return on your crypto portfolio by adding Tron (TRX), Logarithmic Finance (LOG), and Chainlink (LINK). These three cryptos provide unique utility and are set to achieve high returns in the next six months. Add some spice to your cryptocurrency portfolio and get ready to receive handsome profits in the near future. Early investment in these tokens can make you some quick and easy returns.

Add TRX at the $0.06 Level

The Tron ecosystem is now being governed through a DAO-based model and is one of the biggest decentralised communities running though smart contracts. The TRX token is currently trading at the price level of $0.06 and can be added for a quick upside of 10X in the medium to long term. You should not ignore the TRX coin as it has managed to stay relevant and is constantly evolving with new features being rolled out every day. IF the coin falls below the $0.05 level, then the support level of $0.04 will be tested and the token could soon recover to levels of $0.70 and beyond.

Gain Quick 10X Returns with Tron (TRX), Logarithmic Finance (LOG), and Chainlink (LINK)

Add Chainlink through Dollar-cost Averaging Strategy

The LINK token has seen a lot of adoption and it is one of the best oracle solutions currently available. Most blockchain networks work in isolation but Chainlink allows outside data incorporation and is, therefore, one of the better options  that can be added periodically to your wallet. The LINK token could easily reach for the moon as investors realise the true potential of this coin.

Logarithmic Finance Is a Layer 3 Swapping Protocol

The Logarithmic Finance protocol has been designed to provide easy liquidity and a direct connection between investors and project owners. While project owners will get access to funds, investors would be able to select the most promising projects and earn impressive yields on their investments.

The LOG token will work on multiple blockchains such as the  Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Tezos, and Solana. The Logarithmic Finance ecosystem will offer decentralised, integrated, and cross-chain functions to early-stage project innovators so that they can select from the different chains as per their requirements.

The LOG tokens liquidity polls will display real-time status information so investors can check and identify the best pools for their investments and generate the best yields. Open pools will allow investments at any time, while a dissolved pool will signify that the yield has been distributed and the pool is closed. Project owners will be able to bring the liquidityneeded  for the project before it gets listed on a decentralised exchange.

Gain Quick 10X Returns with Tron (TRX), Logarithmic Finance (LOG), and Chainlink (LINK)

Log holders will be rewarded if they choose to stake their tokens. They can also earn from yield farming and participate in governance as the project will be run on a DAO based approach. LOG token holders will gain additional perks and privileges apart from the existing LOG incentives as the project develops in the future.

At the initial stage, Logarithmic Finance will support Metamask but more wallets will be added in the future. Investors will be able to observe the pool status in real-time and select a pool as per their preferences. The smart contracts of LOG are highly advanced and allow the project owners to pay 80% reduced gas fees as compared to existing standards. This will result in more adoption of the LOG ecosystem in the future as users flock to the network due to lower fees.

The three coins selected above can be added for great gains in the future. Adding such tokens can provide you gigantic returns as LOG might explode once it gets listed on other exchanges. This is a high value coin that will solve problems of liquidity and bring together project developers and investors on a single site. Check out the sites for updated information on the presale and participate in this unique investment opportunity.

Learn more about Logarithmic Finance here: PreSale, Telegram, Twitter.