Rarible NFT Marketplace Announces Integration with Tezos

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Rarible NFT Marketplace Announces Integration with Tezos
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Rarible says it has integrated with open source PoS blockchain Tezos to provide more cross-chain possibilities for all users.

Rarible, an Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, officially integrated with open source, proof-of-stake blockchain Tezos (XTZ) on Wednesday December 15th. This new Rarible support now means that Tezos NFTs can feature on the former’s marketplace. In addition, it also implies that Rarible can support secondary sales of live-in Tezos projects. Furthermore, users of the platform will have the ability to transact and create low-fee NFTs, according to Rarible in a blogpost.

With this new development, Tezos becomes the third layer-one blockchain to integrate Rarible. Other prior protocols supported by the popular NFT marketplace platform are Ethereum and Flow. Flow is the blockchain network that Dapper Labs uses to power its NBA Top Shot.

Furthermore, Rarible is on course to integrate even more protocols so as to create a multi-chain platform that bolsters the NFT marketplace. According to Rarible, it has the Solana and Polygon blockchains next in its sights. Company chief executive officer Alexei Falin also weighed in on Rarible’s NFT multi-chain platform vision. As Falin put it:

“Rarible firmly believes that the future of NFTs is cross-chain, and that interoperability is the key to a streamlined, successful NFT ecosystem. We have seen many alternative blockchains gain traction in the NFT space for their unique offerings, specifically Tezos for its low costs and energy-efficient minting process through proof-of-stake validation.”

To commemorate the Tezos integration, the Rarible team also debuted an exclusive Tezos community drop. Furthermore, starting today, Rarible and Tezos are also launching an inaugural Rarible-exclusive NFT collection dubbed Blazing Futures.

Tezos Is Currently Playing a Key Role in Traditional Video Game Transition to the Blockchain

Tezos also happens to be the blockchain tapped by prominent French video game company Ubisoft for its foray into the NFT space. The gaming company launched ‘Quartz’ earlier this month, a game that allowed players to obtain in-game NFTs dubbed ‘Digits.’ The blockchain’s integration also translates to Digits secondary sales receiving support from Rarible. The aforementioned Ubisoft Digits are collectibles that have active utility value that players can accrue from playing several games.

Ubisoft’s recent venture into the world of NFTs met with polarizing reception. On the one hand, crypto devotees see this as the beginning of a larger realm of possibilities. However, on the other, hardcore gamers see this as an unwelcome disruption to traditional gaming as we know it. However, Rarible co-founder and product head Alex Salnikov believes that the move is part of the inevitable blockchain gaming evolutionary process. In Salnikov’s own words:

“It’s quite clear that blockchain gaming is the next big thing. And we will see more of that in the race of who will be there first.”

He further explained that there are two sides to the gaming-shift spectrum. The first is the constant improvement of games that are native to blockchain – such as Axie Infinity. The second is the gradual but almost certain transition of traditional video gaming to the blockchain.

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