RavenDex Announces Seed Sale to Initial Adopters, Launches Demo for Their Cardano DEX

Place/Date: - October 22nd, 2021 at 7:30 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Raven, Source: Ravendex Labs

RavenDex, one of the first decentralized exchanges based on the Cardano blockchain, has released a front-end demo for their DEX. When the project is finished, it will solve Cardano’s concurrency problem by allowing many transactions to be executed at the same time. The RavenDex Swap front-end demo version of our DEX is now available!

This significant achievement by the RavenDex team is vital for the entire blockchain sector, and it is possible that it may become top choice DEX on the Cardano blockchain. With the public launch approaching, we anticipate a huge increase in activity in the following weeks and months. We’ll share more information on many of the features we expect to launch in the coming months, as well as critical updates on the company’s roadmap and the continued evolution of the technology stack.

RavenDex’s front-end demo version appeared just days after the private sale, which saw a huge number of early adopters take advantage of the $RAVE token’s low price.

$RAVE Token

The RavenDex multi-protocol platform will be powered by the $RAVE token, which will allow holders to provide liquidity and support to their favorite projects while being able to stake their tokens to farm more $RAVE tokens. This will be critical to the DeFi system’s improvement.

The Cardano blockchain was used to create the $RAVE Token, which has a maximum quantity of one billion coins. $RAVE holders will be able to interact with the Cardano network, stake their coins, provide liquidity, and make endorsements.

In our staking platform, $RAVE holders can earn up to 25% APR on their staked asset. The returns are calculated after each cycle and are proportional to the amount staked. Furthermore, all holders can supply liquidity to projects that will be listed on our DEX in exchange for liquidity fees.

Ravendex seeks to work with developers who were PLUTUS Pioneers. This will greatly aid us in determining the best way to evolve and grow our ecosystem.

$RAVE Token Seed Sale

On October 20th, the $RAVE Token Sale will commence. Investors who want to get in on the first floor can do so by joining the $RAVE Seed Token Sale.

About RavenDex

RavenDex is a crypto project built on Cardano that attempts to create a decentralized exchange powered by the AMM protocol. Its goal is to create a platform with extremely low rates and the ability to conduct cross-border transactions quickly.

More importantly, it seeks to incorporate features that Cardano enthusiasts will find useful. We also hope to build a community of active investors who will be able to vote on issues. To construct a fully effective decentralized exchange, they can also lend coins or provide liquidity.

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