Top Ten Reasons to Trade on PrimeXBT

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Top Ten Reasons to Trade on PrimeXBT
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To stand out from the row of competitors, PrimeXBT is constantly working on enhancing and expanding the features that it offers to traders.

To stay ahead of the competition, PrimeXBT is always seeking new ways to bring profitability to traders, or to improve the overall trading experience by listening to feedback, regularly updating the platform, and constantly releasing new, innovative features, additional assets, and much more.

PrimeXBT provides traders with the most advanced tools and reliable trading engine on the market. But there is so much more what makes PrimeXBT the top platform for traders of any experience level. Here are the platform’s most important features and the ten best reasons to trade on PrimeXBT.

Ultra-Fast and Reliable Order Engine

There is rarely a shortage of news related to other trading platforms experiencing flash crashes, order submission errors, or other issues that regularly plague traders. These issues occur during periods of extreme volatility and can often result in large financial losses for users of the impacted platform.

PrimeXBT features a reliable, ultra-fast order engine with the tightest spreads and highest liquidity. The platform offers up to 99.9% uptime, and performance remains stable even during peak volatility, ensuring traders can profit on these strong price movements.

Unrivaled Privacy, Safety, and Security

Users of the platform never have to fear their information will end up on the dark web, or worse, as PrimeXBT requires no KYC process and no personal information, ensuring that privacy remains safe at all times.

The bank-grade security infrastructure and added safety features like address whitelisting and two-factor authentication make certain that even the most advanced cybercriminals cannot access users’ information or steal funds.

Low Fees and New Discounted Fee System

PrimeXBT already offers some of the lowest fees across the fintech industry, but with the new three-level discount system, the fees are even lower, depending on the level of trading turnover.

Those at the first level of trading turnover, trading under 300 BTC will be privy to the already low trading fees. Over 300 BTC and up to 600 BTC in turnover, enables a 25% discount on fees. Those with over 600 BTC turnover will have access to the best savings of all, with a 50% off discount.

The new system is designed to reward the most loyal and active traders, allowing them to increase profits and grow capital at a faster rate.

The platform also received an update that indicates at which level discount a trader has reached, along with the progress made in trading turnover over the 30-day time period.

 Anywhere Access via Mobile Application

Today’s traders are often juggling many other responsibilities and activities, social lives, and more, and require additional flexibility that allows them to trade while away from their trading desk or laptop.

The team designed the mobile app with ease of use in mind, providing access to all of the features traders enjoy and have come to expect from the desktop experience, all while on the go.

Both an iOS and Android mobile app are available as free downloads in the App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store.

Lucrative Referral Program and CPA Offer

PrimeXBT aims to reward loyal users who refer new users to the platform with several ways to earn income and grow revenue beyond trading alone.

The company offers a standard, four-level referral program, where each user can not only earn a portion of the fees generated by the traders they refer but also any referrals they bring to the platform as well. The top three referrers on the platform have already earned well over 111 BTC combined.

In addition, both a 50% revenue share option and a CPA offer are available for those seeking a deeper affiliate partnership. The platform also has built-in tracking metrics to get up-to-the-minute performance data on referrals.

Marketing materials are made available to make it easy to promote and share your referral code and grow your earnings.

Friendly, Live, 24/7 Support Staff

PrimeXBT was recently noted for its customer support experience in a side-by-side comparison against other top crypto exchanges. The comparison demonstrated that many platforms take their customers for granted.

PrimeXBT, however, makes customer service a top priority at all times, with helpful and friendly support staff available 24/7 via live chat, or email. Whether a user is locked out of their account, has a question, wants to offer feedback, inquire about additional revenue opportunities, or anything else that comes to mind, the support staff will always go above and beyond to ensure the customer is satisfied.

Social and Community Presence and Interaction

You can tell a lot about a brand by how it interacts with its users. Building a relationship and developing a personality for users to interact with creates trust and comfort, which is paramount to keeping traders coming back day after day to the platform.

PrimeXBT releases weekly market reports, publishes regular updates through this Medium blog, interacts with users via a Telegram chat, shares helpful tutorials on YouTube, and is active on many social media platforms.

Trading is a serious business, but the ream regularly tries to make things fun and exciting through competitions and giveaways on social media. The team also regularly monitors these platforms for feedback, as it is always striving to find new ways to serve the users and improve the services that it offers.

Complete Control with Advanced Trading Tools

PrimeXBT has all the trading tools a trader would expect, along with many additional tools not found elsewhere in the market. Both short and long positions can be opened as a market, limit, or stop order, and each order can be appended with a stop loss or take profit order, to minimize risk and maximize potential profit. Even both short and long positions can be opened simultaneously for building hedge positions.

The platform also offers built-in charting software, complete with all of the most important trading indicators. Trades can be opened directly by clicking on the chart itself, to ensure any entry or exits match up perfectly with your technical analysis, without having to leave the platform or use another service.

Massive List of Financial Assets

PrimeXBT offers traders exposure to a variety of markets all under one roof, on one platform, including digital assets like Bitcoin and leading altcoins, to traditional financial assets like stock indices, forex currencies, commodities, and even precious metals like gold and silver.

The wide variety of markets opens up the opportunity to build a portfolio of uncorrelated, and anti-correlated assets for the greatest possible profit potential, and risk diversification.

Maximize Profit with up to 1000x Leverage

Depending on the asset, PrimeXBT offers up to 1000x leverage – the highest in the industry. Leverage enables traders to take position sizes much larger than their capital allows, by up to a factor of 1000 times.

When markets are trading sideways, there’s no greater tool to squeeze profit out of small market movements. And when volatility hits, powerful moves can be magnified for maximum profit potential.

New Features Are Regularly Being Added, with More on the Way

With so many features for traders to take advantage of, the list could go on and on. And the best has yet to come. PrimeXBT will soon debut the first-ever peer-to-peer asset management module, the Covesting module.

New traders and investors can invest in funds created by the industry’s top traders, and profit when they profit using strategies they in some cases took decades to develop and hone to become successful. Meanwhile, these top traders will earn a portion of the profit generated by investors, giving them the incentive to create a fund and build a reputation through a public ranking system.

Beyond the Covesting module, the team is always listening to feedback and hard at work developing new features and reviewing market trends to ensure that they remain at the forefront of innovation and stay the first choice for top traders around the world.

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