Ripple Wins 17th Spot as the Best Place to Work in Silicon Valley

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Ripple Wins 17th Spot as the Best Place to Work in Silicon Valley
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Now Ripple will be known not only for its innovative solutions but also as a good place to work at. 91% of employees are happy about their work there.

For the last several years, we have heard a lot about Ripple as one of the most actively growing companies with the most innovative and cost-efficient payment solutions. But have you ever thought about this company as a place to work, about the benefits that it offers to its employees and the working atmosphere that dominates there?

Good Place to Work at

But in this aspect Ripple has also achieved excellent results. As it has been recently revealed, this blockchain firm has been named one of the best places to work at in the Bay area by Fortune research partner Good Place to Work. Ripple occupies the 17th place among small to medium-sized business in Silicon Valley.

But what do employees like about working at Ripple? According to the survey, Ripple has managed to ensure a pleasant working environment and to provide clear goals for its team which is especially valued today. One of the company’s workers shared his opinion:

 “I’ve never before been at a company where everyone has a clear sense of mission, and what the shared goal is. That is obvious from day one. I also love my co-workers, and they make me happy to come to work every day (along with the work itself).”

As it has been found out, 91% of employees of 255 people working in the US office said that they are happy to work at Ripple. 95% workers noted that they are proud to have an opportunity to say that they are a part of the company’s team and 96% of employees are satisfied with their time off that they can take when they need.

These results are really impressive. But to enter the top 10 it was needed to achieve 95% happiness rating. As for the first place that was taken by Asana, 99% of 240 employees said that they are happy with their work.

Speaking about large companies with over 1,000 employees, it’s worth mentioning that a well-known hotel chain Hilton topped the list of the best places to work at. Such prominent names as Cisco, Adobe, Dropbox, and NVIDIA were also included in this list.

To be included in this list a company should let researchers from Good Place to Work conduct a survey. The rankings are mostly based on employee feedback.

How’s Ripple Doing?

Though Ripple is doing its best to prove the community that XRP is not centralized and they do not own this crypto, the community still has a rather controversial opinion about the relations between Ripple and XRP.

For example, when XRP was finally listed by Coinbase, Ripple was accused of having paid for it and violating the listing rules of Coinbase as the platform doesn’t list securities.

Moreover, let us remind that just recently XRP has been listed by Coinhako, Singapore-based crypto exchange and will be paired with SGD, IDR, and VND.

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