Ripple, btrax to Drive Web3 Development in Japan with Strategic Partnership

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Ripple, btrax to Drive Web3 Development in Japan with Strategic Partnership
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Ripple and btrax will work together to build the Web3 Design Lab around the XRP Ledger.

Design and marketing firm, btrax, has announced its latest move to accelerate Web3 development by Japanese businesses. The firm announced the establishment of a Web3 Design Lab alongside a strategic partnership with Brad Garlinghouse’s Ripple.

According to the release, the new service will be instrumental in helping Japanese firms better understand and utilize Web3 opportunities. Ripple will be partnering with btrax to promote the new service in the Asia-Pacific region generally.

This is not Ripple’s first foray into the Japanese market. The firm earlier considered moving its global headquarters to Japan. In 2020, it also partnered with SBI Remit to expand cross-border transactions. Ripple and btrax will work together to build the Web3 Design Lab around the XRP Ledger.

Yokishawa: Partnership Is Proof of XRPL Robustness

VP of Strategy and Operations at Ripple, Emi Yoshikawa, commented on the partnership. She pointed out the decade-long consistency in partnering with enterprises to create blockchain solutions for their businesses.

Additionally, Yoshikawa highlighted the utility of XRPL in settling tokenized assets at scale.’ Concluding, Yoshikawa said:

“This strategic partnership is a testament to the robustness of the XRPL to support the acceleration of Web 3 projects in the global marketplace.”

As part of the announcement, the CEO of Audio Metaverse, Takahito Iguchi was appointed as the exclusive advisor for the new service. Audio Metaverse combines Web3, AR and Metaverse to deliver a groundbreaking product. btrax will be hoping Iguchi can repeat the feat with the new service.

How Design Lab Will Accelerate Web3 Development

Per the release, the Design Lab will provide design services to promote utilizing XR, Metaverse, and NFTs for business transformation. It will offer three core services centered around acquiring relevant information, networking with other entrepreneurs, and service development for new businesses.

The Web3 Design Lab will research the latest trends in the Web3 market and related startups in San Francisco. Thus, it will promote an accurate understanding of the latest Web3 use cases for companies.

Beyond this, the service will also educate the teams with its findings and generate unique business ideas using Web3. Likewise, it will endorse the planning, development, and commercialization of web3 businesses in the Bay Area.

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