Ripple Eyes IPO as XRP Lawsuit Draws to End

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Ripple Eyes IPO as XRP Lawsuit Draws to End
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XRP’s lawyer thinks the outcome could be determined by September based on recent events. In light of this, Ripple is allegedly meeting with investors to discuss their interest in an IPO.

As its legal battle related to XRP with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) draws to a close, there are rumors that Ripple may conduct an IPO. Wall Street expert Linda Jones hinted at the possibility by outlining the advantages of a potential initial public offering. Linda used information from Linqto to determine the potential stock value of Ripple, from which she was able to determine each share’s price and its total worth. She concluded that with Ripple’s low price, having an IPO would most likely be favorable.

There are also reports that the company held a private roadshow in April. During the meeting, its executives discussed the potential and plan for an initial public offering.

“In April, @Ripple hosted a private’ road show’ (a marketing event where a company and its underwriters meet with potential investors to generate interest in an IPO). I’m told it was attended by just about every reputable institutional investment firm on the Street,” wrote Eleanor Terrett.

Experts have various thoughts about how the potential Ripple IPO is likely to turn out, and one of them is from John Deaton, XRP’s lawyer. He believes that if Ripple wins the case or only gets a minor punishment, it could all turn out well for the company.

“If @Ripple wins the SEC lawsuit or gets the functional equivalent of a slap on the wrist, along with a ruling that ongoing and future sales of #XRP are not securities, the lawsuit will prove a blessing in disguise for Ripple,” noted he.

Ripple’s Chance of Winning the Lawsuit

The pro lawyer also mentioned a very slim possibility, which he described as less than 3%, that the SEC would have an outright win in the ongoing case. He expressed his view that Ripple has a 50% chance of getting a favorable judgment. However, he also recognized that the final ruling could disadvantage the two parties based on different factors.

Investors Remain Positive about XRP’s Price as Court Judgment Nears

Many investors and crypto enthusiasts also believe that the XRP lawsuit will end in favor of Ripple. This is shown in the large inflow of money the company has had in recent days. Investors paid $2.6 billion within a week, showing their faith in XRP, making the crypto’s market capitalization rise 10% within the same week, from $24.56 billion to $27.19 billion. The inflow of capital has also led to the rise of XRP’s price.

We cannot deny that the ongoing case is a dominant factor in the price rise. However, it is better to wait until the final ruling before drawing conclusions about the potential price of XRP.

Following the judge’s request for the document containing the speech that William Hinman, the former director of corporation finance at the SEC, gave in 2018, as well as other documents from the two parties that would make it more obvious if XRP is legally regarded as a security or not, John Deaton projects that the final judgment could be made by September.

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